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Discussion | The Science of Sampling

Sampling is a musical art form. Irrespective of what some may have you believe, the act of sampling can be both as challenging and rewarding as producing original compositions and has had a significant effect on the sound of modern music. “It’s hard to sample and it’s hard to make music… They try to act like sampling’s not music but it’s hard to do correctly,” … Continue reading Discussion | The Science of Sampling

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Albums of the Year | 2018

My top ten favourite albums of the year: Roc Marciano – Behold A Dark Horse “Roc Marciano made a conscious effort to increase his musical output for his fans – since the start of 2017 he’s dropped at least five separate projects – and that newfound focus has resulted in some of his best and most cohesive work in the form of Behold A Dark Horse. With … Continue reading Albums of the Year | 2018

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Music | Naye Fshr – The Seleção Trio [EP]

Following the release and relative success of his last EP Rhodes To Success, producer Naye Fshr has treated fans to a “winter warmer” in the form of The Seleção Trio – the Brazil-inspired project that acts as an ode to many aspects of the South American nation. The idea for this EP was set in motion by Naye’s single ‘Brasil ’98’ that was unveiled during … Continue reading Music | Naye Fshr – The Seleção Trio [EP]

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Discussion | Are We Truly Interested in Full-Length Projects Anymore?

With advances in technology across most areas of music in the past 25 years, it has allowed a lot more people the opportunity to create and circulate their material easily and independently. This has resulted in listeners, chiefly through the implementation of music streaming services, having access to a vast amount of artists and songs that they feel compelled to consume in order to try … Continue reading Discussion | Are We Truly Interested in Full-Length Projects Anymore?

Music | Louis VI Ft. Dozer Carter – Station Wagon

Louis VI has begun 2019 with his new single ‘Station Wagon’, which sees him assisted by his OthaSoul comrade Dozer Carter. ‘Station Wagon’ is a charismatic example of why Louis VI and Dozer Carter work so well together, with Dozer not only providing a verse but also the 7-minute instrumental on which they both offer plenty of lyrically dexterity. The last music we were given … Continue reading Music | Louis VI Ft. Dozer Carter – Station Wagon

Music | LSkins – Coming Home

LSKINS has kicked off the new year by dropping new music in the form of ‘Coming Home’. The emcee uses the Beecher-produced beat to send a few verses in the direction of his love interest, ensuring the female in question that, irrespective of any other distractions, he’ll be coming home. LSKINS has alluded to a lot of new music in 2019 so we can wait … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Coming Home

Music | Monroe Joe Ft. Kieron Booth & Nina Alexis – Struggling To Smile

Monroe Joe ends the year with the new single ‘Struggling To Smile’, an uplifting track that also calls upon the qualities of Kieron Boothe and Nina Alexis. Monroe Joe has a knack for writing relatable lyrics and his verse on ‘Struggling To Smile’ is a further example of such as he rides the Maschine Man Tim production, supplemented by equally impressive efforts from his guests. … Continue reading Music | Monroe Joe Ft. Kieron Booth & Nina Alexis – Struggling To Smile

Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises [Video]

An alternate version of this article originally appeared on It’s fair to say that Jerome Thomas has made an exciting impact since his 2016 debut EP ‘Conversations’. The success of that project has led to multiple sold-out UK shows, an appearance on the coveted COLORS Berlin platform and an ever-growing fan base who are no doubt anticipating his next EP ‘Mood Swings’ that is … Continue reading Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises [Video]