Interview | Louis VI – Like Water [Jun 2016]

Not content with just being part of the Hip Hop group, OthaSoul, Louis VI has his sights set on providing a platform for young, like-minded, British creatives in the future, via his newly formed organisation, Like Water.

Louis took the time to explain his motivations behind the initiative and how he aims to help others young people like him.

For those who don’t know, please introduce Like Water and the motivations surrounding the movement.

“So, I guess Like Water is like an umbrella, supporting the creative arts coming out of the capital from our young generation, particularly from people of colour, helping us help ourselves”.

“In the last year, I’ve been so inspired by all the young creative minds I’ve met and been surrounded by, but found the common theme among us was that we are all struggling a lot, whether financially, mentally or emotionally. Everyone is doing amazing things creatively but are seriously lacking in support, especially now we have a government that’s really only interested in big business and banking. In America, the Jewish communities bounce each dollar made between 80 individuals within that community on average. However, within the creative community, for example, musicians, we probably bounce each pound only twice and the 2nd person is probably our Mum’s! We need to start waking up and supporting each other, spend the money we make on each other so when one person does well, it trickles down to everyone else. I wanted to find a way to support my fellow artists, so I created Like Water as a front to a movement to support ourselves”.

Is there a reason behind the name, Like Water?

“There are a few. Like Water, to me, meant something natural, organic and flowing. I’m obsessed with nature and protecting the planet so I guess it made sense in that way too. There’s also the deeper meaning of being adaptive to the world, mainly from the famous Bruce Lee quote, “When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water, my friend”. There’s also one of the best albums ever, [Common’s], Like Water For Chocolate”.

Why do you think it’s important to support “young, British creatives” right now, in particular?

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel all eyes are on London right now – the U.K. in fact – the different things that have happened in music, the amazing stuff coming out of the country. We’ve always been a creative nation but young people of colour, in particular, are really shining at the moment, but, like I said, there’s no support. We’re all paying out of our own pockets, slaving away on dead-end jobs to earn money, [and] being expected to pay industry prices as independent artists etc. It’s crazy. We’ve got to start rallying together and helping ourselves and then we can all take over the world, one piece at a time”.


You have your first event scheduled for June 2nd, featuring the likes of Hannah Faith, Selvsse & DJs from Born & Bread; what do you wish to achieve through this event and how often can we expect events in the future?

“This event is both a celebration of the launch of Like Water and a way to support and celebrate a few artists that I think have been really killing it and paving the way for the rest of us recently. Hannah’s done something totally new and huge for female DJs, being picked up and travelling the world with Soulection, SELVSSE is an incredible producer and has made big waves in the city with his unique style, and Born N Bread, as well as being dope DJs, have a really cool zine, which is doing a lot for creative black girls in the city. I’m also doing the event alongside CozyMag (founded by Neela Choudhury-Reid), who have long been supporting young artists around the world so they are kind of like our big sister. Sometimes it’s important to just to give props to people in your scene, everyone needs it no matter where they are in their career and this is my way of doing it”.

One of Like Water’s many facets is a record label; when can we expect the first release(s)?

“Well, Like Water released my self-titled soul EP last December, but we’re also due to release my new single, ‘GetHighWeCould’ Ft. Nikki Cislyn, on the 6th June. However, I would hesitate to call it a label because it’s really just about providing a platform for artists of all forms can release their stuff to the world from. I’ve got a huge love for photography and visual arts; we did our first Instagram photo series with Jesse Bernard of photos from his trip to Brazil a few weeks ago, and I want to do a gallery soon. We’re going to help put on a gallery with a new clothing line started by Rudy Russel, a young fashion designer from London, do more events and get some graphic art and painting/illustration involved as well. Basically, if it’s dope art, and we can support it, we will. If you’re an artist that wants to collaborate on something, email:”.

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