Review | LSkins – The Brainstorming Project

Lskins and Flyo combine once again to bring us The Brainstorming Project, a follow up and extension of their previous 4-track EP, The Loud Pack. Having known each other before they started collaborating, as well as sharing a similar interest in musical taste, both the rapper and the producer found it easy to discover a mutual sound that represented them both. Lskins started penning verses in his late teens after ending his pursuit of a professional basketball career, whilst Flyo has been producing music since he was 15, gradually moulding his distinctive sound from the pot of many genre-spanning influences. The Brainstorming Project title was agreed due to the organic nature of the working relationship and creative process.

Their brainstorming begins with ‘Must Be The Drugs’, an introduction that also acts as the first single. The bouncy, G-Funk inspired instrumental paves the way for Lskins to nonchalantly deliver his rhymes, setting the tone for the rest of the project. He continues on ‘Kosher’, where the north London rapper displays a variety of flows whilst exhibiting his lyrical prowess, brilliantly complemented by the Flyo production. The vibe created between Lskins and Flyo is perfect in bringing out the best in each other’s work, making for cohesion that is comparable to that of Curren$y and Ski Beatz, as the two generate an almost natural synergy. Despite having no intention to have featured guests on the project, north London underground icon, Black The Ripper, showed his support by providing a verse for the ‘Kosher’ remix, which is placed as the final track. ‘Kosher’ is one of the best examples of Lskins’ ability to manufacture catchy hooks that listeners will want to recite.

‘Snooze’ is one of a couple of cuts from the album that have an ominous edge to its sound, as Lskins uses a couple of bars to send a message to any rappers who aren’t putting in sufficient work, “You say you’re saving rap, with no projects out, you should be ashamed in that”. Statements such as this and others found within The Brainstorming Project eliminate any judgements that ‘skins simply articulates “weed raps”, instead displaying his respect for the craft of rapping. References to Hip Hop’s golden era within his rhymes prove that he has been schooled in the history of Hip Hop, whilst allowing his own generational influences to help mould his style.

On ‘Brainstorming’, Lskins sounds at his most irritable, as he begins by expressing, “F*ck this, I’ve had enough, let’s bring it back to rapping”. His irritation can’t be pinpointed to one particular subject (hence the title), but one specific grievance that is made abundantly clear is via the line, “Jumping ship when Grime’s popping”, which takes greater significance considering the recent spat between Big Narstie & Chip(munk). Albeit appreciative of the affect that Grime had on everyone who witnessed its birth and growth, Lskins declares he, “Mostly grew up on Killa Cam [Cam’ron] & 50 [Cent]”, giving the majority of credit to his influences being from Hip Hop of the early 2000’s.

The Brainstorming Project is a concise, cohesive full-length debut attempt from Lskins, and with Flyo taking care of all the production both acts are able to demonstrate their talents simultaneously. The musical relationship between the pair is strong and it’s not likely to be their last project together as they continue their growth as artists. This project acts as the official introduction for both men, and they have certainly made a good first impression.


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