Top 5’s | Scott Xylo

Within Hip Hop culture, determining one’s Top 5 is a debate that will seemingly continue forever. So, with that being said, I’ve asked artists to share and justify their Top 5 selections…

Scott XyloTop 5 Producers


“He, hands down, has the best atmosphere in his music; just the blend acoustics on his album had vibes that changed my life. Even in his more recent stuff, he still keeps this dark, heavy atmosphere that I only hear in scores. Truly amazing.”


Mo Kolours

“This guy is why I love creative music. The way he effortlessly blends Reggae, Afrobeats and Hip Hop amazes me, I’ve never heard anyone that sounds like him or has organic percussion style like him. The track ‘Promise’ feels like it was made by Lee Scratch Perry and Fela, it just instantly brings me back to my roots!”



“His beats sound like he made them with organic alien technology, the textures he create and sounds are unreal, it’s like he doesn’t create music he creates feels and memories. The song ‘Pretty Polly’ is pure feels, the guitar and the vocals he sampled are impossible to replicate. Truly a unique person.”



“Mndsgn is like my Nas. What Nas does with lyrics, is like what Mndsgn does with sounds and samples to me. The creativity and feels, it’s hard to describe. Every track he crates is a movie in my mind. The track Sheets is a perfect example of where his beats take you.”



“Where do I start with the gawd?! Madlib is my all time favourite. The vibe he puts in his beats – he does this thing to his samples that, I can’t describe. I’ve studied Madvillainy for 5 years, and on the track ‘Eye’, I still have no clue what type of filter, delay, and reverb he used. That beat is what created my style and the way I process beats. Hands down the true vibe GAWD!”


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