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Within Hip Hop culture, determining one’s Top 5 is a debate that will seemingly continue forever. So, with that being said, I’ve asked artists to share and justify their Top 5 selections…

TalosTop 5 Producers

J. Dilla

“Dilla had the perfect internal rhythm, sloppy and human, but precise at the same time. Dilla’s music showed me that you could take the tiniest section of a sample, chop it up and then sculpt it into something completely new. He seemed to have a 6th sense for finding the most soulful or most funky part of a song.”


“RZA’s ability to combine minor and major samples and create an eerie but soulful vibe is why he’s one of my top producers. His raw basslines and gritty, crackly drums were the perfect backdrop for the Wu raps.”


“Madlib inspires me through his music, but also through his mysterious persona. His drums always knock, [and his] sample selection is always flames. He has such a wide scope of sounds, whether it’s straight Hip Hop, Bollywood themes and, of course, Quasimoto.”

Pete Rock

“Pete Rock’s beats, to me, are like smooth jigsaw puzzles. All the elements; the drums, bass and melodies all slot into place perfectly. There’s like a mathematical sense to which sounds he places where, the outcome always makes you wanna bump your head.”


“Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest have inspired me infinitely. Hard kicks, big reverby snares and dope samples. Q-Tip’s beats are always so funky and have that off-the-wall kind of experimentation to them. The rolling horn master.”


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