Weekly Round-Up | 6/6/16

New Music…

The last week has seen a couple of releases that have caught my attention: Smoke DZA – George Kush Da Button (Don’t Pass Trump The Blunt) and 9th Wonder – Zion.

DZA supplies his usual laid back flows, in addition to guest appearances from the likes of Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, A$AP Rocky, Roc Marciano and Domo Genesis, while production credits go to 183rd, Pete Rock and The Alchemist, to name a few. Information on 9th Wonder’s latest instrumental project can be found here.

Also, Pusha T released the 1st single from his forthcoming album, King Push, entitled, ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’, which features Jay Z. A collaboration between these two has been well overdue, especially considering their fondness for drug dealer-inspired raps, and the song does not disappoint, with Push forcing Jay come correct on his verse.

Like Water Event…

Newly formed creative platform, Like Water, hosted its first event, enlisting Hannah Faith, Selvsse and the Born N Bread DJs to help celebrate its launch. The event, which was hosted Concrete Space, Shoreditch, can be seen as a successful start, with a positive vibe infecting attendees throughout. Congratulations to everyone involved on the night.

Japanese Grime…

I came across this video of Japanese Grime artists re-creating the veracious energy of the London born genre, adding further proof that the Grime movement is spreading worldwide.


Drake Stealing Flows…

After the controversy/non-controversy (depending on you disposition) surrounding Drake after allegations that he used/uses ghostwriters, further charges against his creative process have been levelled against him.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 08.53.39

The flow in question is the one used by Drake on his track, ‘Grammys’. Decide for yourselves:


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