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Within Hip Hop culture, determining one’s Top 5 is a debate that will seemingly continue forever. So, with that being said, I’ve asked artists to share and justify their Top 5 selections…

Dozer CarterTop 5 Rappers

Roc Marciano

“Let me just say this first; Roc Marciano is like marmite! But anyone who knows me, knows that I won’t have a bad word said about him. You cannot doubt the mans panache, he’s too slick with it. His flow, delivery, metaphors and similes, it all combines to create a completely unique style. I still think ‘Reloaded’ is the most slept on album of our generation. [I] Cannot wait for ‘Rosebudd’s Revenge’.”

Freddie Gibbs

“There are very few rappers who can effortlessly crossover between boombap and trap at any moment, but Gibbs just makes it feel natural. ‘Terrorist’ is still one of my all time favourite tracks. His flow and wordplay is actually a lot more intricate than people give him credit for. I’m just hoping him and Madlib keep churning them out.”


“The first time someone played me Jehst, I just wasn’t mature enough. It wasn’t until I was writing my dissertation about crime and architecture on London housing estates that I really started to appreciate him as a lyricist. It felt like the soundtrack to my research. His ability to paint a picture in your mind with his words has really rubbed off on me lyrically. I never realised how important concrete imagery was until I listened Return Of The Drifter all the way through.”


“He is the best at adjusting to modern music without neglecting his intellect and ability, [and] his message never sounds stale. I’ve been getting into ‘Resurrection’ again and you just forget how long he’s been killing it for. His connection with the producers he’s worked with throughout his career is so impressive, as well. Albums with No ID, J. Dilla, Kanye West, The Neptunes all in their prime. He’s still the best rhymer!”


“I just think he was so ahead of his time as a Grime lyricist. At a time when most Grime artists were only rapping about crime, he really gave us an insight into his life with ‘Home Sweet Home’. Honestly, if he dropped that album today we would all be going mad! Also, lyrics are nothing without delivery and Kano can do both super hype and calm, which is a lot harder than it sounds.”


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