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Within Hip Hop culture, determining one’s Top 5 is a debate that will seemingly continue forever. So, with that being said, I’ve asked artists to share and justify their Top 5 selections…

K The InfiniteTop 5 Albums

Kanye WestLate Registration

“One of the greatest Hip Hop albums ever (I easily could have put College Dropout here too, but this one edges it for me), the soulful production, the skits, the tales told, Kanye’s whit, everything just formed a perfect balance. The stories he painted just resonated with me. The combination of humour and real talk about the dead systems many of us live in were executed to perfection. Then you have the eternal classics like ‘Diamonds’. I could go on forever about each track, but this no doubt is in my top two albums ever with ‘Reasonable Doubt’. My older brother had given me his old Sony Walkman NW-A1200 and I used to go to school in year 7 and just bang this album out and take it in more and more. Then when you come back after living some of the experiences as someone in their early 20s it just hits even harder.”

Jay ZReasonable Doubt

“Man, this album is what made me truly fall in love with Hip Hop and the art of rhyming. Being heavy into being a Grime MC from 12-14 years old, I hadn’t thought about deviating in to rap, but when I stumbled across ‘Dead Presidents’ (the best one out of the three, in my opinion) I knew I had to find out more about this sound. Finding ‘Dead Presidents 2’ and then ‘Reasonable Doubt’ was key in why I’m here as K The Infinite today. The way he painted the picture of being a hustler from the hood in a very different light to the “shoot every n-word and get hoes” was mesmerizing. The whole mafioso style with the smooth production and crazy rhyme schemes and song structures just hit the soul. This was the first project I’d heard that really felt like you were in a movie, journeying in to the mind of someone who’s mature and seen the game from all angles. ‘Regrets’ remains my favourite track on the project, it hits a feeling we’ve all felt through a different lens.”

N*E*R*DSeeing Sounds

“This is a masterpiece, right here. The vibes they created on this project taking you through the calm, the hype and the completely abstract was on another level. The whole idea of having synesthesia has always been interesting to me, but the scope of sounds they used in this project really gives you something to visualize. ‘Love Bomb, ‘Sooner Or Later’ and ‘Laugh About It’ remain my favourites on it. (Large up Jordan Brown for putting me onto it).”

Lupe FiascoFood & Liqour

“If we’re talking lyrical ability, very few can match Lupe, but what he did on this project marrying deep social commentary and introspective lyrics with crazy production and vibes has been nearly mythical in Hip Hop until recently. He took it to so many places; feeling immersed in Chicago then drawing parallels with the war on terror in ‘American Terrorist’ was very innovative. His abstract style of rhyming portrayed the picture in a way that really stuck in your mind. ‘I Gotcha’ and ‘Kick, Push’ remain two of the hall of famers in vibe setters, while the latter had a really unique story that you wouldn’t hear about in the ends where the skate culture was not cared about at all.”

Lauryn Hill  – The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill

“This is what great music sounds like and it will stand the test of time. Boundless talent manifested, for real. The writing of melodies and production was immaculate. I don’t want to go on forever, but this was something else. ‘Nothing Even Matters’, ‘To Zion’ & ‘Doo Wop (That Thing)’ will just resonate in the spirit for ages to come.”


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