Interview | Scott Xylo: Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds

To mark the release of Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds, I spoke to Scott Xylo about what inspired the project and its development.

Can you explain the overall concept behind Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds?

“I really wanted to make a psychedelic album that would feel like it’s a weird lost demo from the 60s, because I like weird and cool gems in record stores, especially old rare black hippie music. You can call it a collaboration album between me and Johnny 5ive. It’s heavily inspired by a lot of 60s psychedelic rock and garage rock, but I wanted to make it really soulful, like most of the black rock and psychedelic artists. Curtis Mayfield’s live album was a major influence on me when making this. Also, Brian Eno – Apollo”.

How did the creative process for Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds compare to your previous projects?

“Everything was very experimental. I tried to use as much analogue equipment as possible and I started building tracks on a loop peddle. I also recorded all of the synth and most of the instruments by close mic to a guitar amp I found in cash converters for about £20. I sampled a lot of crazy noises from my SNES and Master System and created some cool glitching noises. I really wanted to do something different, like form a group with someone close to me because I was getting bored of making beats, but no one wanted to form one with me, so I created a persona called Johnny 5ive from an ego death like acid trip and started singing and writing, just to make things more interesting”.

Who is Johnny 5ive?

“He’s a tripped out hippie cyborg that plays bass and has a TV for a head like Canti from Fooly Cooly. His real name is Jon Glitches”.

How did the various collaborations on Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds come about?

“Mostly through twitter, randomly tweeting people stuff and just knowing people through other people”.

In addition to the listed features, there are numerous credits for other musicians who also contributed; how have you managed to gain support of so many of your peers at this relatively early stage in your career?

“I guess people really like the music I make. Most of the dudes I’ve worked with on the project, I just like talking to personally and most of them just constantly inspire me to do better, like Bastion Keb, Sue Lily and Alex Szotak“.

Who are you still looking to work with that you haven’t already?

“Definitely Henry Wu and Mo Kolours – they both inspire me so much. Also, King Krule, Jon bap and I would love to make a beat for Ibeyi – I love their music so much”.

What are you hoping you can achieve with the release of Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds?

“The whole world to vibe and love”.

Do you have a favourite track on the project?

“[It’s] probably between ‘Juune’ and ‘The World Ends With You’. I made ‘The World Ends With You’ on the night Prince died and it was pure feels. I love ‘Juune’ because it sounds like it could be a weird Beatles track”.

What can you tell us about your future plans?

“I might make a small 6-track EP about astronauts and the earth blowing up. I want to work with a few people but other than that, just see where the wind takes me and keep writing”.



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