Music | SumoChief – SumoTreats [EP]

SumoChief have released SumoTreats – their 8-track, Jazz and Hip Hop influenced project that fully utilises their abilities as an instrumental band.

SumoTreats includes support from the likes of OthaSoul, Ben Hayes, Joel Bailey, ThisIsDA, DJ Jazz T, Cecil B Demented, Rago Foot & Maxwell Owin, whose contributions range from production, to scratches, to vocal performances.

SumoChief’s most notable musical influences are said to be J. Dilla, Madlib & D’Angelo, among others, while they are often compared to legendary instrumental band, The Roots.

The band have successfully overcome the challenge of transitioning from their usual live performances, to carefully crafting a neat project that still manages to maintain the verve of a live show. And, as the title suggests, their are plenty of treats among the selection.

Listen to SumoTreats below.


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