Music | Louis VI – Lonely Road Of The Dreamer [EP]

After sharing the singles, ‘Free Parking’ and ‘Question Mark’, in addition to the visuals for ‘Chasing Me’, Louis VI has released his EP,  Lonely Road Of The Dreamer.

The eclectic, 8-track project is a thought-provoking  journey through the mind state of the OthaSoul emcee, who moves away from the traditional Hip Hop sound that we’re used to from the aforementioned group.

However, he calls on fellow OthaSoul members, Dozer Carter & DMobbs, who produce three tracks between them, in addition to Dame Grief, while also taking care of the majority of the production himself. In terms of guest appearances, Denai Moore acts as the only feature on the EP.

Louis has taken this opportunity to allow his individual style to flourish throughout the duration of the project, displaying his versatility and potential as an artist.

Listen to Lonely Road Of The Dreamer below.




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