#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Another Level – I Want You For Myself

Another Level – ‘I Want You For Myself’ – Another Level

Prod. By: Gordon Chambers, D-Moet & Billy “Bad” Ward

In the late nineties, Another Level set the standard for male R&B groups in the UK, consisting of Mark Baron, Bobak Kianoush, Wayne Williams and, most famously, Dane Bowers.

Among their most notable hits (like their UK No. 1 cover of Silk’s ‘Freak Me’), their self-titled platinum selling debut album also contained classics (in this writer’s personal opinion) like the one below. The opening seconds of the track instantly grab the listeners attention, which only intensifies throughout. And although they were not the strongest vocalists as a group, they somehow made it work.

The icing on this particular cake comes via a classic nineties-style video, which includes questionable attire, deep stares into the camera and low level dance routines.


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