#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Will Smith Ft. Jill Scott – The Rain

Will Smith Ft. Jill Scott – ‘The Rain’ – Willenium

Prod By: DJ Jazzy Jeff

The Christmas of 1999 brought a few presents, none of which I remember today, except for a gift from my Auntie, who decided (probably with help from my Mum) to buy me Will Smith’s album, Willenium. In hindsight it was an inspired gift, more so than she’ll probably ever realise, as it became the soundtrack to my life for a fair few months thereafter, creating a nostalgic link the that period.

‘The Rain’ was the final track on the album and probably the most impressive lyrical performance from Will Smith, in addition to being one of the most accomplished pieces of production. AND, it’s got Jill Scott on the hook, so what’s not to love?

Don’t ever let anyone try and convince you Will Smith wasn’t a good MC.


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