Music | Louis VI – More Water (Like Water Interlude)

Louis VI has dropped ‘More Water (Like Water Interlude)’ – a new single that acts as a bridge toward his forthcoming EP.

The VMLR & Louis VI-produced track begins with the jazz-influenced sounds that Louis’ Lonely Road Of The Dreamer project was soaked in, before switching to a more upbeat tempo that gives song an infectious bounce.

The mantra-like hook of “More water, more life” is a message of vitality, with the OthaSoul emcee explaining, “We are made of water and water is necessary for life, yet there’s people who don’t have access to it…It’s not about water itself but what is represents. It’s about time we started looking after ourselves, particularly us people of colour, because right now the current climate got me feeling like ‘we’re all too thirsty with no way to make it rain.'”

Listen to ‘More Water’ below.


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