Music | Olivia Louise x Saffa Ghorishi – Juicy Fruit [EP]

Olivia Louise and producer Saffa Ghorishi have come together to create their Juicy Fruit EP.

The sexually-charged, 8-track project is used as a tool to empower any woman who “has been made to believe her sexuality is shameful or sinful. For women who have been sexually abused or assaulted. For any woman who has had her sexuality stripped away by men that cheat and societies that judge”, according to Olivia herself.

Saffa Ghorishi provides a sensually appropriate sound bed for the singer to express her feelings of a double standard with regards to the sexual conduct of men and women. “I wrote Juicy Fruit with the aim for my songs & my sound to embody sexual empowerment”, she explained. “Everything from relationships, oral sex, expressing our magic sexually, masturbation, embracing single motherhood and also the darker side; sexual assault, are covered in my EP.

“I understand certain topics in the EP are quite explicit and controversial, so it was important that my message of what I see as ’empowerment’, did not get lost in translation”.

Listen to Juicy Fruit below.



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