Music | Talos – Talos Enters [Video]

Talos is preparing for the release of his new project, Dissonance, by unveiling its first video, ‘Talos Enters’.

The intergalactic theme is shown through both the video (by Neirin Best) and the track itself, which uses futuristic sounds that add to the overall feel.

As discussed in an interview with Naye Music Journal earlier this year, the producer’s vision of a “mad concept album” that contains a “whole animated universe” in which the music exists is described as an “instrumental hip hop project recognising the state of the world today, while taking steps to sonically steer humanity back on track”.

‘Talos Enters’, as the title suggests, is the opening act that has been honestly described by Talos as a “challenge to make“, and is expected in its entirety at some point in August.

Watch the video for ‘Talos Enters’ below.


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