Top 5’s | Childhood Pop Songs

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. It often tints otherwise mundane memories with emotions that can only be triggered when looking into the past, creating an almost indescribable sensation. It was with a grand sense of nostalgia that I decided to create a list of my top five childhood pop songs. Ordinarily, especially as an adult, I would be quick to shun a huge percentage of Pop songs, but through a nostalgic lens the songs on this list can easily be described as “choons”.

5ive – Keep On Movin’ (1999)

Before conducting my research for this article I thought I had a decent idea of 5ive’s work, then a certain YouTube playlist taught me otherwise and I was reminded of how much of a Pop force they were. I could have easily picked hits such as ‘Slam Dunk The Funk’, ‘If Ya Gettin’ Down’ or ‘When The Lights Go Out’ (which from memory I thought was performed by The Backstreet Boys, which can only be a compliment), but based on the nostalgia-inducing impression it made, it had to be their first UK No. 1 ‘Keep On Movin”.

Blazin’ Squad – Reminisce (2002)

A gem from the So Solid Crew of Pop. It was a close call between ‘Flip Reverse’ and the eventual pick, but ‘Reminisce’ was just smooth enough to make it. To be honest, it could have been selected for the quality of the bridge alone, but it also contains some relatively strong verses from a group of boys who will never receive credit for their lyrical exploits.

*NSYNC – It’s Gonna Be Me (2000)

I wasn’t really into the Backstreet Boys but, despite essentially being the exact same thing, *NSYNC caught me at a time I seemed more receptive to the charm of 5-piece boy bands. Among their many Pop classics of the time (‘Bye Bye Bye’, ‘Pop’ etc.), ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ has a special, nostalgia-ridden place in my memory, probably due to the infectious melodies that are chosen throughout the song.

S Club 7 – I Really Miss You (1999)

Unless you’re an S Club 7 superfan like myself, there’s a good chance you haven’t heard this non-single track from their debut album. If that is the case, you probably aren’t aware of how talented they were, and in particular, lead singer Jo O’Meara was. Jo brings the lyrics of the song to life with her lead vocals whilst also contributing to some well-arranged harmonies.  It’s just a beautiful song, full of emotion and genuine sentiment, very likely to make you remember a certain someone. It’s song’s like this that made it easier to make sense of all the complicated emotions you experienced as a child.

Spice Girls – Who Do You Think You Are (1996)

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the phenomenon that was the Spice Girls? What a time to be alive. Obviously, this was a difficult choice to make due to their abundance of classic records, but Geri Halliwell’s opening line “The race is on to get out of the bottom” has, for some reason, stuck with me over all these years. Also, the pre-chorus is kind of special.


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