Top 5’s | Remixes That Are Better Than The Original, Pt. II

Pt. I

Common Ft. Mary J. Blige – ‘Come Close’

Prod. by The Neptunes

Prod. by J. Dilla, Ft. Pharrell, Q-Tip & Erykah Badu

This was one of the more contentious decisions, but J. Dilla’s remix of Common’s heartfelt ‘Come Close’ just edges out the original due to its Ramp – ‘Daylight’ sample and the additional contributions of Pharrell, Q-Tip and Erykah Badu to help convey his message.

Little Indian Ft. The Foreigner – ‘One Little Indian’

Prod. by Howie Tee

Prod. by J. Dilla

Remix 2
Prod. by Buckwild

One little Indian, but two big remixes courtesy of J. Dilla and Buckwild, both of which can be considered to be more popular than the original. Dilla’s rendition is led by a bassline that commands the feel of the track, coupled with a snapping snare, while Buckwild’s version takes a more relaxed approach that proves to be just as effective.

R. Kelly – ‘Step In The Name Of Love’

Prod. by R. Kelly

Prod. by R. Kelly

The self-proclaimed Pied Piper of R&B R. Kelly felt so strongly about us stepping in the name of love that he released two versions in order to convince us, with the remix having the greatest effect. Though sharing similar elements in terms of production, the ‘Step In The Name Of Love’ remix brought a more enticing groove that became irresistible to two-steppers everywhere.

Solid Crew – ‘They Don’t Know’ / ‘Envy’

Prod. by So Solid Crew

Prod. by So Solid Crew, Ft. Ms Dynamite

A remix that is rightly remembered and revered for the exceptional performance of Ms Dynamite, but should also be praised for Mega Man and Asher D’s lyrical conversations that explore the dynamics of their relationship. Due to the success of the original version of ‘They Don’t Know’ – the title of their debut album and third single from it – it was going to take something extra special to create a remix that could be deemed better, but this was realised with the track they entitled ‘Envy’.

Usher Ft. Young Jeezy – ‘Love In This Club’

Prod. by Polow da Don

Prod. by Soundz Ft. Beyoncè & Lil’ Wayne

Upon its release, I was, to put it politely, underwhelmed by ‘Love In This Club’, which makes me question even more so why the remix cast aside as a bonus track. The difference in quality is clear and when you put into context the people involved at the time of release (circa 2008 was arguably Lil’ Wayne in his prime and Beyoncè was Sasha Fierce), it seems slightly more bizarre to not include this within the main album.


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