Music | Jerome Thomas – Stranger

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Jerome Thomas has delivered his first solo release of 2018 with his emphatic single ‘Stranger’.

This track once again sees the singer/songwriter work alongside producer Warren Xclnce, with whom he released ‘Didn’t Know/1989’ – their double single from last year.

The pair’s working relationship shows no sign of deteriorating, with Warren Xclnce’s elegantly composed musical canvas ideally suited to Jerome’s powerful and emotive vocals, which describe the story of a “broken friendship”.

Following an exciting and impressive period that stretches back to the release of his debut EP ‘Conversations’ at the end of 2016, Jerome Thomas has grabbed the attention of many fans of R&B as well as those within the music industry due to his outstanding live performances and collaborations.

Jerome Thomas’ next headline show is scheduled for May 3rd at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, London.



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