Music | Society Of Alumni – Here As We Are [EP]

Hip Hop group Society Of Alumni have presented their debut project Here As We Are, an excellent example of the talent the creative group possesses.

The collective – that nominally consists of Mula, ISEE, Jaspo Beats, Flewid, Mak, Vels, Bad Jay, Devante Vaughan & DJ Amari – have put together a collection of tracks that induces large bouts of Hip Hop nostalgia while naturally blending the musical tendencies of a group circa their early 20s.

As is to be expected when accommodating multiple emcees throughout a project, the various voices of Society Of Alumni are spread across the 11 songs, each with their own unique perspective and contribution. They also find space for features from Shanelle Jae and the outsourcing of production to the likes of Scott Xylo, Space CWBY and YXNG JYNN.

The solid reputation that Society Of Alumni has built over the past few years has certainly been solidified with this impressive debut effort.

Listen to Here As We Are below.


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