Music | Sipprell – From Afar

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The extraordinarily gifted Sipprell has unveiled her latest musical offering via her second single of 2018, the sumptuous sounding ‘From Afar’.

The song conveys a heartfelt account by Sipprell that references a toxic relationship she experienced with a relative. “I learned that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and the other person is to cut ties. You can’t help anyone who isn’t willing to help themselves and it’s so important that you protect yourself and your energy. You can still love that person but from afar,” the singer explains.

Just as on Sipprell’s previous single ‘Personal’, production credits are claimed by Marie Dahlstrøm, who creates a musical environment that perfectly complements Sipprell’s gorgeous tone.

Her forthcoming EP I Could Be Loved is scheduled for release July 25th and you can listen to ‘From Afar’ below.


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