Music | LSkins – Payola [Video]

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LSKINS is someone who has been forced to be patient.

Despite creating an organic excitement around his music circa 2016 after the release of his seminal work The Brainstorming Project and other SoundCloud-celebrated releases that followed, LSKINS adjusted his focus toward the structuring and development of his label Sold Not Told Records.

After the interval, the north London-based rapper returned emphatically with his first single of 2018 entitled ‘Mac’, which encompasses all of the slick wordplay and delivery of rhymes that he’s become known for.

LSKINS has also built a reputation for engrossing videos that accompany his music and his latest offering ‘Payola’ is no different. Directed by Bruno Downey and partially filmed at the revered On-U Sound studios, the visuals seem to convey LSKINS’ attempts to both physically and metaphorically escape the burdens of the city by hitting the coast and using the environment to vent.

LSKINS is said to be preparing a project for release before the end of the year, but before that, watch the video for ‘Payola’ below.


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