Music | Jamilah Barry – Salix Babylonica [EP]

This year, Jamilah Barry has caught the attention of many with outstanding performances on her singles ‘Closer’ and ‘More Than’, which has built the excitement ahead of her debut project Salix Babylonica.

The EP is comprised of 8 records, with each crafted to complement and amplify Jamilah’s vocal skill and highlight her deft songwriting. Those responsible for this are the likes of Jackum, Midnight Phunk (who also features with an impressive contribution on ‘Route 73’), Uno Nam, Marco Bernadis, Kodj & Nick Rhodes.

Salix Babylonica is an excellent example of Jamilah’s potential. The vocalist manages to carve a unique lane that accentuates her strengths as an artist, making for some memorable moments.

Listen to Salix Babylonica below.


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