Top 5’s | Emcees with Unconventional Flows

All emcees attempt to create a flow that is unique and distinguishable from others, making them instantly recognisable whenever they spit. After years of listening to countless numbers of emcees, I’ve tried to create a list of the most unconventional flows that I’ve ever heard.


You should be familiar with Bruza’s Grime classic ‘Get Me’ and therefore familiar with the way he uses his husky voice in an unusual way to capture the listener’s ear. As soon as you hear “Yeah, Yeah,” you already know who is about to touch mic, even before he formally introduces himself with “It’s Bruuuze!”

D Double E

The word ‘unconventional’ seems to sum up everything about D Double E, so it was impossible for him to not be part of this list. In what has proved to be one of Grime’s classic and most impressive freestyles (of which he has a couple), D Double provides an exceptional example as to why he’s one of the most gifted emcees to ever emerge from the Grime scene, using his voice and flow pattern in a very unique way.

Flirta D

When I think of Flirta D, I just think of sounds. Throughout parts of his seminal tune  ‘Warp Speed’ he may appear as your normal emcee, but once he introduces his various sound effects, he becomes one of the most alternative Grime emcees ever. Though some became irritated with the extreme use of his voice, there is no doubt that Flirta will live long in the memory of Grime fans.

Prezident T

Of all the emcees I’ve ever listened to, I struggle to find one that entertains me as much as President T. Although he would never be considered as one of the greatest emcees in terms of lyrical ability, the way he flips words within his stuttered flow should be praised and enjoyed by us all. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to successfully guess what his next rhyme would be due to the random manner that he seems to throw his bars together.


Terminator has amassed a mythical reputation in Grime despite his musical output being meagre in comparison to his peers and this is due to boasting one of the strangest and frankly most terrifying ways to communicate through lyrics. It’s almost as if he intentionally tries to ignore the beat he’s supposed to be spitting to as an attempt to show how little he cares what people think, which is probably why he’s got one flow, and that’s all he needs.


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