Top 5’s | Artists discovered through my mum’s record collection, Pt. I

My mum has had a huge impact on my affection for Soul and R&B and so this list acts as somewhat of an ode to the effect she has had. Below are my top five favourite artists that I initially discovered through my mum’s record collection.


Known mostly to younger generations for the use of the Electric Slide alongside their hit ‘Candy’, but in addition to that, Cameo had other songs that caught the ears of many, ranging from the funky, up-tempo ‘Word Up’ to the softer, soulful grooves of ‘Sparkle’.

Earth, Wind & Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire are the first and most memorable group that I heard through my mum’s collection as a youngster. It’s fair to say that they are one of her favourites, probably due to their numerous hits that include the likes of ‘Let’s Groove’, ‘After The Love Has Gone’ and ‘Reasons’, to name but a few.

Loose Ends

The UK’s own Loose Ends were bumping through my mum’s speakers way before they were being sampled by the likes of Wiz Khalifa. The trio were dripping in that infectious 80s sauce that you had to step to and were one of the most revered groups coming out of the UK at the time.

Luther Vandross

Most people will be aware of ‘Never Too Much’, but before his solo success, Luther Vandross was impressing listeners as part of the group Change. Of course, once he did pursue a solo career, he spawned many notable records that ensured him as a legend of Soul.

The Whispers

I’ve truly adopted my mum’s taste with my affection for The Whispers, who I’ve found to be one of the most consistent groups in her collection. They’ve shown great versatility with two-step anthems such as ‘And The Beat Goes On’ and ‘It’s A Love Thing’ but really excel with their slow jams ‘Is It Good To You’ and ‘I’m The One For You’.


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