Top 5’s | Tunes Dat Tek Mi Back Tu Mi Yard, Pt. I

<Insert Yardie DJ Sounds Here>
My family are from Jamaica, so when I say “tunes dat tek mi back tu mi yard,” I’m talking about the classic Reggae sound that I grew up hearing predominantly at family functions. Here are some of my favourites.

Paula – Dynamic

‘Dynamic’ has an essential, laid-back Reggae groove perfectly matched by Paula’s sweet vocals, especially on the hook. This one’s for Auntie to step to.

Sanchez – One In A Million

Keen Hip Hop fans make recognise the opening as the sample used on DipSet’s ‘DipSet Anthem’, but before it was utilised in that fashion, it was already a massive Reggae vibe given by Sanchez.

Half Pint – Substitute Lover

Some may remember Estelle’s sampled/cover version from her 2008 album Shine, but Half Pint’s original is a fantastic example of Reggae at it’s finest, with a classic Reggae bassline bumping throughout.

Barrington Levy – Too Experienced

Every Jamaican’s favourite uncle Barrington Levy provided many Reggae classics that were perfect vibe setters at the family function, with ‘Too Experienced’ perhaps being the pick of a very strong bunch.

Barry Biggs – Wide Awake In A Dream

This one would be high on my list of reggae karaoke picks, with Barry Biggs setting an emotional yet uplifting tone for ‘Wide Awake In A Dream’ that encapsulates many traditional Reggae elements.


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