Top 5’s | Tunes Dat Tek Mi Back Tu Mi Yard, Pt. II

Part I

Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket

It should be no surprise to see the legend that is Dennis Brown adorning this list. His iconic status was created through his consistent creation of hits that also included the likes of ‘Two Against War’, ‘Here I Come’ and ‘Queen Majesty’.

Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves

Popularised years after its release thanks to Guy Ritchie’s use of the classic song in his equally well-known film Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, ‘Police & Thieves’ captures the essence of Reggae at its best.

Junior Kelly – If Love So Nice

One of the first Reggae songs that I remember hearing as a young child that stuck with me in the following years, due to its frequent rotation at family occasions. An easy groove coupled with a catchy hook that is easily learned and recognised.

The In Crowd – We Play Reggae

Equipped with a bassline that is sure to buss many a speaker and receive many a wheel-up, The In Crowd’s ‘We Play Reggae’ would definitely be high on the list of songs you’d use as an example of quintessential Reggae for someone who had never heard the music of the genre before.

Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm

Way before Beyoncè was urging people to ring the alarm, Tenor Saw was doing the same, but with a much more relaxed attitude manner. This fine record has stood the test of time, oft-referenced in modern day pop culture.

Part I


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