Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises [Video]

It’s fair to say that Jerome Thomas has made an exciting impact since his 2016 debut EP ‘Conversations’.

The success of that project has led to multiple sold-out UK shows, an appearance on the coveted COLORS Berlin platform and an ever-growing fan base who are no doubt anticipating his next EP ‘Mood Swings’ that is due in February 2019.

The first example of what ‘Mood Swings’ has to offer comes in the form of ‘Bruises’ – Jerome’s latest single that is accompanied by a video that adds another dimension to the emotive record.

The captivating visuals are described as an “Afro-Futurist Western” and come courtesy of director Dumas Haddad, Director of Photography Olan Collardy and Creative Director Christopher Cargill.

Jerome plays the protagonist in an awe-inspiring depiction of the metaphorical pain that can be suffered during a relationship, which adds further credibility to an artist who is becoming known for his freedom of expression.

Jerome has already confirmed UK tour dates for 2019 that will see him perform in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton and London, meaning that fans across the country will have a chance to experience his captivating live act.

Watch the video for ‘Bruises’ below.


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