Music | Naye Fshr – The Seleção Trio [EP]

Following the release and relative success of his last EP Rhodes To Success, producer Naye Fshr has treated fans to a “winter warmer” in the form of The Seleção Trio – the Brazil-inspired project that acts as an ode to many aspects of the South American nation.

The idea for this EP was set in motion by Naye’s single ‘Brasil ’98’ that was unveiled during the summer of 2018 to a fantastically positive response. The Seleção Trio is a continuation of that sound, merging his own musical tendencies with those commonly found in Latin jazz, suitably packaged in a way that is also a tribute to a passion Naye and the nation of Brazil shares – football.

“What I’ve tried to do with ‘The Seleção Trio’ is bring together my admiration for the Latin-American sound and my love of football – hence the title. I’ve merged those two together to create a tribute to the nation of Brazil and its influence on me.”

Listen to The Seleção Trio below.


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