Music | The Naked Eye – Love’s Grave [EP]

The Naked Eye has revealed her new EP Love’s Grave.

The concise EP is an honest, heartfelt detailing of a love lost, excellently depicted through The Naked Eye’s insightful and penetrative storytelling. When combined with deft production from the astonishingly gifted Conor Albert on the EP’s first four tracks, supplemented by a contribution from Marie Dahlstrøm, it results in a magnificent project that’s to be regarded as The Naked Eye’s seminal work.

Love’s Grave is packed with beautiful details that characterise The Naked Eye’s undoubted potential. The first example of such came via the project’s lead single ‘Tell Me’ – the lo-fi jazz track that was inspired by artists such as Bruno Major and Puma Blue. This was soon accompanied by the soulful R&B cut ‘See You Later’ with close friend and frequent collaborator Marie Dahlstrøm.

Listen to Love’s Grave below.


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