Top 5’s | Albums That Influenced ‘Young Man, Old Soul’

Young Man, Old Soul will be available October 30 and in anticipation of its release I’ve compiled a list of albums that have influenced the sound of the project.

Roc Marciano – Behold A Dark Horse (2018)

I admire Roc Marci’s ear for samples and beats, with his selection on Behold A Dark Horse being my favourites of his esteemed catalogue. He always opts for a diverse compilation of sounds but manages to maintain a soulful edge throughout.

J. Dilla – Donuts (2006)

Although not my favourite J. Dilla project, it’s the sequencing, song transitioning and use of sound effects on Donuts that was of great influence when creating Young Man, Old Soul. It’s of common agreement that Dilla himself took great inspiration from a particular producer when formulating Donuts, which leads nicely to…

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – Piñata (2014)

Some of my favourite beats produced by Madlib can be found on Piñata – his first collaborative album with Freddie Gibbs. In particular, I think highly of the way Madlib flipped soulful samples that have since become some of my favoured records from my 70s/80s collection, in addition to the skits and track transition.

Talos – Soul Tape (2015)

Ever since I discovered Talos’ artistry he’s been a huge inspiration due to the fact we share similar tastes and look to achieve similar things when producing. His Soul Tape was an exemplary example of some of his best work – a clear theme, deft execution and so much soul – all wrapped within a concise 15 minutes.

NxWorries – Yes Lawd! (2016)

Knxwledge has an incredible ear for soulful samples (something I believe we share), so Yes Lawd! was always going to be influential when developing Young Man, Old Soul. I really appreciate the abstract, minimalistic way Knxwledge cuts and loops his samples, which is a technique I’ve tried to utilise on my own project.

BONUS TOP 5: Producers That Influenced Young Man, Old Soul

Black Milk
Kanye West
Roc Marciano


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