Music | Meron T – Mirage [EP]

After the successful release of singles ‘Can We’ and ‘Escape’, Meron T has unveiled her impressive debut EP Mirage.

The ethereal vocalist provides listeners with 5 deliciously soulful tracks that make up an EP filled with impassioned sentiment.

When describing the motives for the EP’s lyrical content, Meron explains: “Certain relationships I’ve had were once placed on an almighty pedestal in my mind. Through an ample amount of over-thinking, I slowly began to decipher my true feelings and I came to realise that they were all an illusion.

[The EP is] A reflection of that infatuation – lived solely through the imagination. It’s a guide for the listener through those stages of realisation, from the early dreaminess of falling for that person to facing the bitter reality once the mirage has finally faded away.”

Listen to Mirage below.


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