Music | Emmavie Ft. Arran Kent – Oops / Letter

Emmavie has released two brand new singles ‘Oops’ and ‘Letter’, which both feature Arran Kent. The unbelievably talented singer/songwriter, producer and DJ has done nothing but impress with her output over the past couple of years and continues to do so with this latest self-produced duo. Both ‘Oops’ and ‘Letter’ are wonderful examples of what has become Emmavie’s quintessential vibe, mixing soulful vocals with infectious … Continue reading Music | Emmavie Ft. Arran Kent – Oops / Letter

Music | Intalekt – The Adventures Of Master Splinter [EP]

Producer, rapper and all-round gifted musician Intalekt has offered his latest musical donation The Adventures Of Master Splinter. The instrumental project’s name is inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character and is a deftly crafted piece of work that is befitting of Master Splinter himself. Throughout the 10 tracks, Intalekt flaunts his abundant talent as a producer, which he’s also displayed on his recent … Continue reading Music | Intalekt – The Adventures Of Master Splinter [EP]

Music | LSkins Ft. Cadell – Fell In Love

LSkins has dropped his second single of the year, this time linking up with Cadell for his latest effort ‘Fell In Love’. For ‘Fell In Love’, the usual song format is inverted as LSkins provides the hook and allows Cadell to deliver two solid verses over the Beecher-produced instrumental. LSkins has begun 2019 strongly, opening the year with his previous single ‘Coming Home’. Listen to … Continue reading Music | LSkins Ft. Cadell – Fell In Love

Music | Jerome Thomas – Lovesick

Jerome Thomas proceeds toward the release of his second EP by introducing listeners to its second single ‘Lovesick’. The soulful crooner enlists Jarreau Vandal to produce the jazz-influenced sonic canvas that allows him to create his usual majestic melodies, as he describes his feelings of deep affection as we appropriately approach Valentine’s Day. ‘Lovesick’ comes quickly on the heels of ‘Bruises’, which was Jerome’s first … Continue reading Music | Jerome Thomas – Lovesick

Music | Tiana Major9 – Rehearsal @ Nine [EP]

The exceptionally gifted Tiana Major9 has, after much anticipation, released her debut EP Rehearsal @ Nine. The east Londoner’s 6-track effort includes the popular singles ‘Levee (Let It Break)’ and ‘Mr. Mysterious’, in addition to previously unheard songs that are fantastic examples of her Jazz/R&B blend, which is solely produced by PRGRSHN. Her vocal strength is made obvious throughout the project, but it is Tiana’s … Continue reading Music | Tiana Major9 – Rehearsal @ Nine [EP]

Music | Louis VI Ft. Dozer Carter – Station Wagon

Louis VI has begun 2019 with his new single ‘Station Wagon’, which sees him assisted by his OthaSoul comrade Dozer Carter. ‘Station Wagon’ is a charismatic example of why Louis VI and Dozer Carter work so well together, with Dozer not only providing a verse but also the 7-minute instrumental on which they both offer plenty of lyrically dexterity. The last music we were given … Continue reading Music | Louis VI Ft. Dozer Carter – Station Wagon