Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises [Video]

It’s fair to say that Jerome Thomas has made an exciting impact since his 2016 debut EP ‘Conversations’. The success of that project has led to multiple sold-out UK shows, an appearance on the coveted COLORS Berlin platform and an ever-growing fan base who are no doubt anticipating his next EP ‘Mood Swings’ that is due in February 2019. The first example of what ‘Mood … Continue reading Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises [Video]

Music | Emmavie – Rather Be

Singer, songwriter and producer Emmavie is back with her latest single ‘Rather Be’, which is also accompanied by a video. Throughout the track’s energetic feel, Emmavie speaks on some of the situations that she wishes she had the power to change for the better, once again demonstrating her ability to produce an excellent interpretation of the R&B sound. Emmavie has teased listeners with droplets of … Continue reading Music | Emmavie – Rather Be

Music | Meron T – Hunny [Video]

Meron T is working toward the release of her debut project later this year and has aided the raising of anticipation with her latest single ‘Hunny’. The sweet sound of the Sey G-produced track is beautifully blended with the equally enticing vocals from Meron, whose elegantly delicate delivery is quickly becoming a trademark sound. The video, which is filmed and directed by Shukri Elmi, is the … Continue reading Music | Meron T – Hunny [Video]

Music | LSkins – Gotta Get Through This [Video]

LSkins continues to impress with big tunes and stylish videos, on this occasion with his latest visuals for ‘Gotta Get Through This’. LSkins rides the sinister, hard-hitting Naye Fshr production with ease, switching flows patterns either side of his catchy hook, resulting in the certified banger. This video follows the recent release of ‘Payola’ – another video from LSkins that is consolidating his association with … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Gotta Get Through This [Video]

Music | Tertia May – Tears In The Rain [Video]

Tertia May continues to share visual depictions of songs from her debut EP Kind of Purple, with the release of her latest video ‘Tears In The Rain’. Jem Talbot is responsible for directing the video that uses some interesting techniques to help represent the turbulent relationship that Tertia speaks of. ‘Tears In The Rain’ is the second video to be released from Tertia’s in recent … Continue reading Music | Tertia May – Tears In The Rain [Video]

Music | Monster Florence – Look At The Strength [Video]

UK Hip Hop collective Monster Florence have dropped their new video ‘Look At The Strength’ – an eerie and menacing track that is a great representation of their off-kilter style. The track features three of the six Monster Florence team members – Alex Osiris, Dream Mclean & Wallace Rice – and incorporates a darker atmosphere that has been prevalent in their more recent work, with the … Continue reading Music | Monster Florence – Look At The Strength [Video]

Music | Manik MC – Muckiest (A COLORS Show) [Video]

The talented lyricist Manik MC has performed ‘Muckiest’ for his appearance on COLORS. The track, which is produced by Rebel Kleff, is taken from Manik’s EP Midnight Express and is a fitting selection to showcase his dexterity on the mic, with plenty to keep listeners engaged throughout the 3-minute show. Most recently, Manik and frequent collaborator Natty Wylah assisted Rebel Kleff on his debut single ‘Pencil Pushing’, … Continue reading Music | Manik MC – Muckiest (A COLORS Show) [Video]

Music | Oscar Jerome – Do You Really [Video]

Oscar Jerome has continued his productive year with another release, this time coming in the form of psychedelic single ‘Do You Really’. The track’s sound and its video (directed by Dashti Jafar) both carry the sentiment of an era gone by, with Oscar commenting that the concept for the visual is based around “fun” and being “playful”, as well as “existing in alternate funky reality … Continue reading Music | Oscar Jerome – Do You Really [Video]

Music | Scott Xylo – Hold On [Video]

Scott Xylo has shared his latest single and video ‘Hold On’. Quickly following the release of his previous single ‘Ariya’, Xylo once again demonstrates his ability to forge many unique styles as a producer, this time with the bass-laden groove that’s heard throughout ‘Hold On’ that is supplemented by ambient vocals. The video itself – directed by Kay Ibrahim and featuring Faith Aylward and Richie Saps … Continue reading Music | Scott Xylo – Hold On [Video]

Music | Tertia May – Heavenly Thing [Video]

Tertia May has released the first video from her impressive debut EP Kind of Purple with a visual representation of her track ‘Heavenly Thing’. The essence of the cute, nostalgia-inducing love song performed by Tertia is beautifully captured by director Balan Evans as we follow the singer’s journey around the city. The unveiling of this video follows Tertia’s wonderfully executed COLOURS performance that dropped at the … Continue reading Music | Tertia May – Heavenly Thing [Video]

Music | Talos Ft. Jerome Thomas – Slow Traffic [Video]

Talos has recently re-released his phenomenal EP Lowlight via High Focus Records and has supplemented the event with a video for ‘Slow Traffic’ – a cut from the project that features Jerome Thomas. The track’s vibe is brought to life excellently by director Christopher Cargill as Jerome is shown making his way through the city with his female counterpart. ‘Slow Traffic’ is yet another example of … Continue reading Music | Talos Ft. Jerome Thomas – Slow Traffic [Video]

Music | Natty Wylah x Sunken – Ombré [Root 73 Live Session]

Kentish Town MC Natty Wylah has teamed up with the band Sunken and Root 73 to create a live rendition of ‘Ombrè’. The initimate performance at the Total Refreshment Centre is the ideal setting for Natty’s sharp and gritty lyricism that combines his personal observations with intelligent wordplay. Meanwhile, Sunken display their abilities as a band by providing a worthy interpretation of the song. It is said that … Continue reading Music | Natty Wylah x Sunken – Ombré [Root 73 Live Session]