Music | Meron T – Escape

Meron T has released her newest single ‘Escape’ from her forthcoming debut EP Mirage. ‘Escape’ is another track that holds Meron’s thoughtful musings on romantic relationships. “‘Escape’ is about completely immersing yourself into the dreaminess of love,” explains the singer. “But even more so, it’s about surrendering to the stages of falling for someone.” The song’s production is handled by Emo The Optimist and the sound continues in the same … Continue reading Music | Meron T – Escape

Top 5’s | Albums That Influenced ‘Young Man, Old Soul’

Young Man, Old Soul will be available October 30 and in anticipation of its release I’ve compiled a list of albums that have influenced the sound of the project. Roc Marciano – Behold A Dark Horse (2018) I admire Roc Marci’s ear for samples and beats, with his selection on Behold A Dark Horse being my favourites of his esteemed catalogue. He always opts for … Continue reading Top 5’s | Albums That Influenced ‘Young Man, Old Soul’

Music | Jake Milliner – Bernie Says [LP]

After steadily building anticipation ahead of its unveiling, Jake Milliner has released his debut album Bernie Says. Expanding on the style that has grossed him acclaim up to this point, Milliner’s mastery of soulful, jazzy beats is prevalent throughout the project, and is assisted by the likes of Alfa Mist, Marcus Tenney, Eun and Futago. Jake is just the latest in a collection of producers … Continue reading Music | Jake Milliner – Bernie Says [LP]

Music | Jamilah Barry – Sunblock

Jamilah Barry has dropped her latest single ‘Sunblock’. Known for coupling powerful vocals with elegant production, which was apparent throughout her debut EP Salix Babylonica, Jamilah takes a different route on ‘Sunblock’ as Midnight Phunk‘s trap-influenced production provides an unfamiliar musical landscape for the singer to navigate. She does this expertly, adding a further string to her artistic bow that was already earning her much … Continue reading Music | Jamilah Barry – Sunblock

Music | Dips & Lo-Wu Ft. K The Infinite – Teach You Something

Dips & Lo-Wu are back again with their latest single ‘Teach You Something’, which also features K The Infinite. The duo’s latest offering is a slight deviation from their previous “new-age garage releases” ‘Take Off’ or ‘Focus Riddim’, with ‘Teach You Something’ providing a more R&B-influenced sound that is approached creatively by Dips and K The Infinite. Dips & Lo-Wu are now three singles deep … Continue reading Music | Dips & Lo-Wu Ft. K The Infinite – Teach You Something

Music | Ego Ella May – So Far [LP]

Ego Ella May has released her debut album So Far – a compilation of songs released prior to her signing to Tru Thoughts last year. It seems fitting that So Far is comprised of the tracks that created an excitement around Ego Ella May’s name circa 2014 before a musical hiatus subdued that anticipation. Though, fans of the singer/songwriter were rewarded for their patience via … Continue reading Music | Ego Ella May – So Far [LP]

Music | OthaSoul – Almost Grown

Hip Hop duo OthaSoul have returned with their latest single ‘Almost Grown’. The new offering introduces a variation in sound since we last heard from OthaSoul, with Louis VI and Dozer Carter’s solo escapades helping them to form a new sonic direction for the group. ‘Produced by Ruben Joy, ‘Almost Grown’ contains musical elements taken from the Gospel and Electronic genres, as the two emcees … Continue reading Music | OthaSoul – Almost Grown

Music | Jake Milliner Ft. Alfa Mist & Marcus Tenney – Reminisce

Jake Milliner has released ‘Reminisce’ – the lead single from his forthcoming debut album. The song is another sensational example of Milliner’s aptitude as a producer and beatmaker, with its calming, hypnotic rhythm in keeping with the style that has earned him many musical admirers. ‘Reminisce’ also features Alfa Mist on keys and Marcus Tenney via the trumpet, who help to tie together the track’s … Continue reading Music | Jake Milliner Ft. Alfa Mist & Marcus Tenney – Reminisce

Music | Meron T – Can We

Meron T has let loose her latest single ‘Can We’. The singer/songwriter lets her distinctive, ethereal vocals seamlessly seep into the Paya-produced instrumental that contains many beautiful and enchanting elements. Meron is making smooth R&B cuts a real habit, with ‘Can We’ adding to the previously well-received efforts such as ‘Honey’ and her feature as part of Naye Fshr’s single ‘Never Enough’. Listen to ‘Can … Continue reading Music | Meron T – Can We

Music | Emmavie – Honeymoon [LP]

Emmavie has released her long-awaited debut album Honeymoon. Talked about since 2015, but due to a variety of circumstances delayed until this point, Honeymoon is set to be the multi-faceted artists’ seminal work and has been released via FreshSelects. “I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but my album Honeymoon is out now!” Emmavie announced via her Instagram. “The concept of the album was for … Continue reading Music | Emmavie – Honeymoon [LP]

Music | Dozer Carter – Soon Come [EP]

Dozer Carter has appeased fans by finally unveiling his debut EP Soon Come. The 7-track effort is the ideal platform for Dozer to combine his unique lyrical perspective with some creative examples of his distinctive sound as a producer, shown via the most recently released single ‘Terminus’. In addition to the new music via Soon Come, Dozer has hinted that he and Louis VI will … Continue reading Music | Dozer Carter – Soon Come [EP]