Music | AirBorn Gav & Hurricane – Energy Trip [EP]

AirBorn Gav and producer Hurricane have linked up for their new, exciting EP Energy Trip. The 5-track project is a superb effort that brings the best out of both parties, AirBorn Gav excelling via his vocal performances and Hurricane providing fantastic production throughout. The release of the EP comes at an ideal time as its vibe makes for quintessential summer listening and is sure to … Continue reading Music | AirBorn Gav & Hurricane – Energy Trip [EP]

Music | LSkins – Guns and Butter

LSkins continues toward the release of his next project via the unveiling of ‘Guns and Butter’, his latest in a string of singles in 2019. The North London emcee uses Beecher’s musical canvas to portray his inner thoughts that have troubled his mind, making ‘Guns and Butter’ one of his more personal accounts so far. LSkins has dropped 4 singles since the start of the … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Guns and Butter

Music | The Naked Eye – Love’s Grave [EP]

The Naked Eye has revealed her new EP Love’s Grave. The concise EP is an honest, heartfelt detailing of a love lost, excellently depicted through The Naked Eye’s insightful and penetrative storytelling. When combined with deft production from the astonishingly gifted Conor Albert on the EP’s first four tracks, supplemented by a contribution from Marie Dahlstrøm, it results in a magnificent project that’s to be … Continue reading Music | The Naked Eye – Love’s Grave [EP]

Music | The Naked Eye – Tell Me

The Naked Eye has shared ‘Tell Me’ – the phenomenal first single from her forthcoming EP Love’s Grave. ‘Tell Me’ sees The Naked Eye’s beautifully elegant vocals supplemented excellently by Conor Albert’s handling of production, which is gentle and acts as an irresistible invitation extended toward the vocalist. And akin to her previous work, The Naked Eye offers songwriting that is emotionally charged, vivid and … Continue reading Music | The Naked Eye – Tell Me

Music | Talos – Iridescent [EP]

Talos has given us his latest EP Iridescent, another alluring collection of instrumentals that display his skills and dexterity as a producer. Much like his superb 2018 effort Lowlight, Talos’ latest is concise at just five tracks and incorporates the talents of frequent collaborators Coops and Jerome Thomas who both excel over his smooth and atmospheric production. A voice Talos links up with for the … Continue reading Music | Talos – Iridescent [EP]

Music | Eerf Evil – Art Like Banksy [Video]

Eerf Evil has dropped his latest tune ‘Art Like Banksy’, which is accompanied by a video. The able rapper uses the Purple Cloud-produced track to share his well-considered rhymes that approach social-economic topics that have affected him and his peers, much like on his ultra impressive project Calculated Outcomes with Srigala from 2018. Watch the video for ‘Art Like Banksy’ below. Continue reading Music | Eerf Evil – Art Like Banksy [Video]

Music | Jerome Thomas – Mood Swings [EP]

Jerome Thomas has unveiled his second EP entitled Mood Swings. The ultra-talented singer/songwriter has created an organic excitement around his name since his 2016 debut Conversations, with a string of electric live performances and inspiring singles. Mood Swings sees Jerome Thomas express himself over more live instrumentation than compared to his previous EP, calling on producers such as Maxwell Owin, Jarreau Vandal & CIN among … Continue reading Music | Jerome Thomas – Mood Swings [EP]