Music | Monroe Joe Ft. Kieron Booth & Nina Alexis – Struggling To Smile

Monroe Joe ends the year with the new single ‘Struggling To Smile’, an uplifting track that also calls upon the qualities of Kieron Boothe and Nina Alexis. Monroe Joe has a knack for writing relatable lyrics and his verse on ‘Struggling To Smile’ is a further example of such as he rides the Maschine Man Tim production, supplemented by equally impressive efforts from his guests. … Continue reading Music | Monroe Joe Ft. Kieron Booth & Nina Alexis – Struggling To Smile

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Music | Naye Fshr – The Seleção Trio [EP]

Following the release and relative success of his last EP Rhodes To Success, producer Naye Fshr has treated fans to a “winter warmer” in the form of The Seleção Trio – the Brazil-inspired project that acts as an ode to many aspects of the South American nation. The idea for this EP was set in motion by Naye’s single ‘Brasil ’98’ that was unveiled during … Continue reading Music | Naye Fshr – The Seleção Trio [EP]

Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises [Video]

It’s fair to say that Jerome Thomas has made an exciting impact since his 2016 debut EP ‘Conversations’. The success of that project has led to multiple sold-out UK shows, an appearance on the coveted COLORS Berlin platform and an ever-growing fan base who are no doubt anticipating his next EP ‘Mood Swings’ that is due in February 2019. The first example of what ‘Mood … Continue reading Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises [Video]

Music | Pip Millett – Drunk & Alone / On My Mind

Rising vocalist Pip Millett is aiming to capture the attention and recognition of R&B fans with her latest double single ‘Drunk & Alone / On My Mind’. On both tracks that complete the double single, Pip’s vocals are heavy in emotion, yet light in delivery as she slips and slides throughout the pockets of the Abnormal Sleepz-produced instrumentals. It’s been a seminal year for Pip Millett, with … Continue reading Music | Pip Millett – Drunk & Alone / On My Mind

Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises

Jerome Thomas continues his relentless path to inevitable stardom with his latest single ‘Bruises’. On this occasion, the soulful cut is produced by CIN who creates a musical scene that is ideal for Jerome to express how this particular relationship in question is causing him harm. The singer croons effortlessly in the distinctive manner that is earning him plaudits from many. In conjunction with the … Continue reading Music | Jerome Thomas – Bruises

Music | Knucks – 24

Knucks continues his annual tradition of marking another year by dropping new music, with his latest instalment ’24’. Once again, Knucks impresses both with his rapping and his ability to produce, marrying the two together perfectly, adding another memorable effort to his ever-growing collection. Fans have been impatient in their wait for new content from Knucks, but this annual offering is likely to settle their … Continue reading Music | Knucks – 24