#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Damage – Ghetto Romance

Damage – ‘Ghetto Romance’ – Since You’ve Been Gone Prod. By: Tim & Bob During a period where British R&B bands really began to make an impression (shout out Another Level), Damage successfully contributed to the scene with this gem. Brilliantly produced by Tim & Bob – whose credits include Jon B – ‘They Don’t Know’, Tamia – ‘So Into You’, Bobby Valentino – ‘Slow … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Damage – Ghetto Romance

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Paul Ortiz Y LA Orquesta Son – Tender Love

Paul Ortiz Y LA Orquesta Son – ‘Tender Love’ This time I dip into my Latin Soul collection for ‘Tender Love’ – a title that perfectly depicts the mood of the song. It has the customary Latin Soul swing, with delicate keys and guitar throughout, while the horns also play an essential part. You can’t help but be taken to a more pleasant place while … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Paul Ortiz Y LA Orquesta Son – Tender Love

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Dizzee Rascal – Hype Talk

Dizzee Rascal – ‘Hype Talk’ – Showtime Prod. By: Dizzee Rascal Irrespective of his immeasurable influence on the Grime genre by this point, for me, this song was the moment Dizzee truly separated himself from the rest of the emcees in the scene. His marrying of the Grime sound with the level of storytelling that wasn’t primarily evident throughout Grime at that point was groundbreaking and set the standard … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Dizzee Rascal – Hype Talk

#NayeTuneOfTheDay |Jamiroquai – Everyday

Jamiroquai – ‘Everyday’ – Travelling Without Moving Prod. By: Jamiroquai From the scintillating instrumentation to the saucy vocals, ‘Everyday’ is undoubtedly a standout track from one of the most pioneering bands to come from the UK. The way the intro gently guides you into the drop is irresistible and bound to have you hitting those two triangles facing left, while Jay Kay oozes the confidence … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay |Jamiroquai – Everyday

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Half Pint – I’m Not A Substitute Lover

Half Pint – ‘I’m Not A Substitute Lover’ If you don’t have an urge to move in some way to this classic Reggae bassline, then there is clearly something awry. For some people, tunes such as this will transport them back to their time as a child taking in the sounds of a family occasion. Others may recognise its sampling for Estelle’s ‘No Substitute Lover’ from … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Half Pint – I’m Not A Substitute Lover

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Beenie Man Ft. Mya – Girls Dem Sugar

Beenie Man Ft. Mya – ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ – Art And Life Prod. By: The Neptunes This is a tune you should hear at least once every summer. Dancehall legend Beenie Man linked up with Mya (what happened to her?) and The Neptunes to create another hit that stands the test of time. As if we needed further proof of The Neptunes’ versatility in production, … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Beenie Man Ft. Mya – Girls Dem Sugar

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Scribe Ft. Savage & Con Psy – Not Many [Remix]

Scribe Ft. Savage & Con Psy – Not Many [Remix] – The Crusader Prod. By: P-Money (No, not that one) First off; I wonder what Scribe is up to these days? A relatively successful rapper from New Zealand, of all places, who produced hits such as the one below. I remember first watching the video to this song on MTV Base way back when, and … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Scribe Ft. Savage & Con Psy – Not Many [Remix]

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Will Smith Ft. Jill Scott – The Rain

Will Smith Ft. Jill Scott – ‘The Rain’ – Willenium Prod By: DJ Jazzy Jeff The Christmas of 1999 brought a few presents, none of which I remember today, except for a gift from my Auntie, who decided (probably with help from my Mum) to buy me Will Smith’s album, Willenium. In hindsight it was an inspired gift, more so than she’ll probably ever realise, … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Will Smith Ft. Jill Scott – The Rain

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Another Level – I Want You For Myself

Another Level – ‘I Want You For Myself’ – Another Level Prod. By: Gordon Chambers, D-Moet & Billy “Bad” Ward In the late nineties, Another Level set the standard for male R&B groups in the UK, consisting of Mark Baron, Bobak Kianoush, Wayne Williams and, most famously, Dane Bowers. Among their most notable hits (like their UK No. 1 cover of Silk’s ‘Freak Me’), their self-titled platinum selling debut album also … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Another Level – I Want You For Myself

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Warren Xclnce Ft. Etta Bond – Examine Me

Warren Xclnce Ft. Etta Bond – ‘Examine Me’ Prod. By: Warren Xclnce Before Etta Bond had truly made a name for herself within the music industry, she was making an impact underground, and with the help of Warren Xclnce, came up with this incredibly sultry single, ‘Examine Me’. Both Warren and Etta displayed their unique talents, perfectly blending them together for an understated and underrated … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Warren Xclnce Ft. Etta Bond – Examine Me

#NayeTuneOfTheDay | Bobby Valentino – Come Touch Me

Bobby Valentino – ‘Come Touch Me’ – Bobby Valentino Prod. By: Tim & Bob I remember my Mum playing this album on many a weekend in 2005, ensuring that many of the tracks bring a huge sense of nostalgia whenever I hear them, and that the project sits comfortably in my favourite R&B. The track that has done this most recently is ‘Come Touch Me’ … Continue reading #NayeTuneOfTheDay | Bobby Valentino – Come Touch Me