Music | Tiana Major9 – Mr. Mysterious

The talented Tiana Major9 has certainly drew lost of positive attention over the past year with a small collection of strong singles and she continues her momentum with her latest, ‘Mr. Mysterious’. Once again, the singer works alongside producer PRGRSHN to create a gorgeously soulful sound while Tiana’s vocals saunter over the instrumentation, describing her perfect scenarios that involve her mystery man. Listen to ‘Mr. Mysterious’ below. … Continue reading Music | Tiana Major9 – Mr. Mysterious

Music | Scott Xylo Ft. Afronaut Zu, Catherine Sera & Marcus Joseph – Ariya

The enigmatic producer Scott Xylo has dropped his latest single ‘Ariya’, which he claims to come ahead of “much more” this summer. Xylo labels ‘Ariya’ as part of the “afro wave” genre he’s helping to curate and features Afronaut Zu, Catherine Sera and Marcus Joseph, as they all contribute to the mantra-like, African-inspired sound that makes it such a compelling listen. Listen to ‘Ariya’ below. Continue reading Music | Scott Xylo Ft. Afronaut Zu, Catherine Sera & Marcus Joseph – Ariya

Music | LSkins – Survival Tactics [Video]

This article originally appeared on LSkins has released his video for ‘Survival Tactics’ from his forthcoming project, Elevator Music. Kill Farrell stylishly directs the video within which LSkins deftly navigates his way over the Flyo production, leaving a trail of slick rhymes behind him. Elevator Music – which is another project entirely produced by Flyo – is slated for release in mid-April and you can … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Survival Tactics [Video]

Music | Scott Xylo – Hold On

Scott Xylo has released his afrofuturistic track, ‘Hold On’. The tune is based around a mix of 70s afro and psychedelic funk, influenced by the work of Funkadelic and Sly & the Family Stone, with Xylo putting his own spin on the revered sound, which he has coined as “afrofuturism”. This follows his other recent single, ‘Before U Let Go’, of a couple of months … Continue reading Music | Scott Xylo – Hold On

Music | ItsNate – Maintain

ItsNate has continued his recent musical assault with the release of another single, entitled ‘Maintain’. The track – produced by JD. Reid – is an aggressive explanation of Nate’s ambitions for the foreseeable future, outlining his intentions to prove he’s one of the best rappers yet to be fully acknowledged. The overall vibe of the song is delivered with more of a forceful tone, especially when … Continue reading Music | ItsNate – Maintain

Music | IDEH Ft. Fløwzart – Light It

IDEH has provided listeners with an early Christmas present via the smooth, seductive Dozer Carter produced sounds of ‘Light It’. The single – that also features a smart verse from Fløwzart – is an ode to Mary Jane herself, as both artists make multiple references to creativity-enabling substance. IDEH completes the year with another impressive single, following in the footsteps of ‘No Title’ and ’22’ Listen … Continue reading Music | IDEH Ft. Fløwzart – Light It