Music | LSkins – Payola [Video]

This article originally appeared on LSKINS is someone who has been forced to be patient. Despite creating an organic excitement around his music circa 2016 after the release of his seminal work The Brainstorming Project and other SoundCloud-celebrated releases that followed, LSKINS adjusted his focus toward the structuring and development of his label Sold Not Told Records. After the interval, the north London-based rapper … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Payola [Video]

Interview | Children of Zeus [Jul 2018]

This article originally appeared on Tyler Daley and Konny Kon are not new to this. Despite the fact that the two individuals that form Children of Zeus released their first single – ‘Still Standing’ – as recently as 2016 and are currently on the verge of releasing their debut album Travel Light (July 13), it was the preceding years spent honing their musical attributes … Continue reading Interview | Children of Zeus [Jul 2018]

Interview | Craig David [Jan 2018]

This article originally appeared on Craig David is in a very vibrant mood and rightly so. He has every reason to feel positive considering at the time of our meet he’s set for the release of his second album in two years, with his previous effort debuting at No. 1. But don’t be alarmed, you haven’t been transported back to the early 2000s, it’s … Continue reading Interview | Craig David [Jan 2018]

Interview | Marie Dahlstrøm [Nov 2017]

This article originally appeared on Have you ever wondered how the use of the voice can affect parent-infant relationships? If so, Marie Dahlstrøm may soon have the answers. The Danish singer/songwriter is currently studying for her PhD at the Center for Music in the Brain but assures me that her main focus is her music career, insisting she’s a better musician than a potential … Continue reading Interview | Marie Dahlstrøm [Nov 2017]

Interview | Poppy Ajudha [Oct 2017]

This article originally appeared on The Potential To Empower: An Interview With Poppy Ajudha “You can’t empower people if they can’t understand what you’re saying.” It’s been a frenetic few months for Poppy Ajudha. Since finishing her BA Anthropology and Music degree in June, she has worked almost non-stop on her forthcoming debut EP (which is currently being mastered), abandoning scheduled holidays due to … Continue reading Interview | Poppy Ajudha [Oct 2017]