Music | OthaSoul – Almost Grown

Hip Hop duo OthaSoul have returned with their latest single ‘Almost Grown’. The new offering introduces a variation in sound since we last heard from OthaSoul, with Louis VI and Dozer Carter’s solo escapades helping them to form a new sonic direction for the group. ‘Produced by Ruben Joy, ‘Almost Grown’ contains musical elements taken from the Gospel and Electronic genres, as the two emcees … Continue reading Music | OthaSoul – Almost Grown

Music | Dozer Carter – Soon Come [EP]

Dozer Carter has appeased fans by finally unveiling his debut EP Soon Come. The 7-track effort is the ideal platform for Dozer to combine his unique lyrical perspective with some creative examples of his distinctive sound as a producer, shown via the most recently released single ‘Terminus’. In addition to the new music via Soon Come, Dozer has hinted that he and Louis VI will … Continue reading Music | Dozer Carter – Soon Come [EP]

Music | Louis VI Ft. Dozer Carter – Station Wagon

Louis VI has begun 2019 with his new single ‘Station Wagon’, which sees him assisted by his OthaSoul comrade Dozer Carter. ‘Station Wagon’ is a charismatic example of why Louis VI and Dozer Carter work so well together, with Dozer not only providing a verse but also the 7-minute instrumental on which they both offer plenty of lyrically dexterity. The last music we were given … Continue reading Music | Louis VI Ft. Dozer Carter – Station Wagon

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Discussion | The Science of Sampling

Sampling is a musical art form. Irrespective of what some may have you believe, the act of sampling can be both as challenging and rewarding as producing original compositions and has had a significant effect on the sound of modern music. “It’s hard to sample and it’s hard to make music… They try to act like sampling’s not music but it’s hard to do correctly,” … Continue reading Discussion | The Science of Sampling

Music | Dozer Carter – Out Here With Bowie [Video]

This article originally appeared on Dozer Carter has dropped his first official single, ‘Out Here With Bowie’. The track is a depiction of the OthaSoul emcee’s relationship with his father, told intelligently by Dozer from his Dad’s perspective, with the piano-led instrumental provided by Turkish acting as a grand stage. In addition, the video – directed by Joe Harvey – is a picturesque illustration of … Continue reading Music | Dozer Carter – Out Here With Bowie [Video]