Music | LSkins – The Stove [EP]

LSkins has followed this year’s release of Elevator Music with another project, The Stove, this time linking up with producer Drae Da Skimask. The EP, which is comprised of just four tracks, is another smooth contribution from Skins, with Drae’s eerie soundscape – highlighted on ‘Practise’– acting as a perfect platform for the emcee to offer some life observations through his lyrics. Listen to and … Continue reading Music | LSkins – The Stove [EP]

Music | LSkins – Elevator Music

After much anticipation, LSkins has followed up The Brainstorming Project with the release of Elevator Music. Once again, ‘Skins is joined by Flyo for the entirety of the project, with the producer helping steer the sonic direction, as the pair continue the musical understanding that seems brings the best our of each other. Most of LSkins’ most pertinent lyrics are based around the feeling that he isn’t getting credit … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Elevator Music

Music | LSkins – Survival Tactics [Video]

This article originally appeared on LSkins has released his video for ‘Survival Tactics’ from his forthcoming project, Elevator Music. Kill Farrell stylishly directs the video within which LSkins deftly navigates his way over the Flyo production, leaving a trail of slick rhymes behind him. Elevator Music – which is another project entirely produced by Flyo – is slated for release in mid-April and you can … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Survival Tactics [Video]

Music | LSkins – On The Run [Video]

LSkins is working toward the release of his next project, Elevator Music, by sharing the visuals for the single, ‘On The Run’. The song and video sees ‘Skins partaking in his daily activities, recapturing that effortless flow that gained the support of many in recent times. This track and LSkins’ entire forthcoming project is produced by Flyo, with Elevator Music becoming the pair’s third project together. … Continue reading Music | LSkins – On The Run [Video]

Music | LSkins – Snatch

LSkins has resumed the campaign toward his forthcoming project, Elevator Music, by releasing the single, ‘Snatch’. As the name implies, the track – produced by Sangeet – references the classic Guy Ritchie film, Snatch, by way of a hook made up of dialogue from the movie. Once again, LSkins flaunts his slick delivery throughout, making the anticipation for his next project even more palpable. Listen to ‘Snatch’ … Continue reading Music | LSkins – Snatch