Music | Ella Frank – Sorrows Into Silk [EP]

Ella Frank has released her debut EP Sorrows Into Silk. The singer gives listeners 6 tracks of gentle, jazzy tones and moods, with her dainty vocals charming throughout, giving the thriving London Jazz scene another gem to include on its roster. Ella Frank first came to the attention of many via her popular single ‘Homie, Lover, Best Friend’ from way back in 2014 and has … Continue reading Music | Ella Frank – Sorrows Into Silk [EP]

Music | Ella Frank – Kettle

Ella Frank has released her latest single ‘Kettle’. The singer/songwriter has made sporadic releases somewhat of a trademark as we wait (im)patiently for her next drop of musical inspiration, on this occasion coming in the form of ‘Kettle’, another track led by a tea-related metaphor that will leave listeners thirsty for more of the same. Like her previous single ‘Blue Jay’, Ella enlists Intalekt and … Continue reading Music | Ella Frank – Kettle

Music | Ella Frank – Blue Jay

After waiting two years for new music, Ella Frank has gifted listeners two new singles in a matter of months, following the previously released ‘Sugar’ with her latest single, ‘Blue Jay’. The aforementioned new single is made up of  similar ingredients to that of ‘Sugar’, with Intalekt – this time with the assistance of R-Kay – being entrusted to produce the landscape for Ella Frank … Continue reading Music | Ella Frank – Blue Jay

Music | Ella Frank – Sugar

Two years on from her successful first single, ‘Homie Lover Friend’, Ella Frank has made a triumphant return with ‘Sugar’. The sweet, Intalekt-produced song is a fantastic reminder of how talented the Jazz-influenced vocalist is, and how much we’ve missed her contribution to music over the past couple of years. This latest single, we hope, will signal the run up to a debut project. Listen to … Continue reading Music | Ella Frank – Sugar

Interview | Ella Frank [Sep 2015]

What do Ella Fitzgerald & Frank Sinatra have in common? Well, other than the obvious, they are the two main components that create Selma Basto’s musical moniker, Ella Frank. The soulful-jazz singer caught listener’s ears with her debut single, ‘Homie Lover Best Friend’ in 2014, but has since been focused on other aspects in her life. The hugely impressive response that her one and only … Continue reading Interview | Ella Frank [Sep 2015]