Music | Emmavie – Honeymoon [LP]

Emmavie has released her long-awaited debut album Honeymoon. Talked about since 2015, but due to a variety of circumstances delayed until this point, Honeymoon is set to be the multi-faceted artists’ seminal work and has been released via FreshSelects. “I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but my album Honeymoon is out now!” Emmavie announced via her Instagram. “The concept of the album was for … Continue reading Music | Emmavie – Honeymoon [LP]

Music | Emmavie Ft. DT Soul – Distraction

Emmavie has released her second single in as many weeks with her latest offering ‘Distraction’, featuring DT Soul. The energetic production provided on ‘Distraction’ adds a further string to Emmavie’s already extensive bow, as she displays her ability to add exciting elements to the traditional R&B sound. The track also sees the vocalist step out of her comfort zone as she confidently navigates the garage-influenced instrumental. … Continue reading Music | Emmavie Ft. DT Soul – Distraction

Music | Emmavie – High Off This

The outrageously talented singer/songwriter, producer & DJ Emmavie has unveiled her new single ‘High Off This’ – the first offering from her fabled debut album Honeymoon. ‘High Off This’ is rich and exuberant in its production, coupled with a vocal performance from Emmavie that gives a strong idea of her skillset in addition to where her soulful musical influence stems from. Despite first speaking about … Continue reading Music | Emmavie – High Off This

Music | Emmavie Ft. Arran Kent – Oops / Letter

Emmavie has released two brand new singles ‘Oops’ and ‘Letter’, which both feature Arran Kent. The unbelievably talented singer/songwriter, producer and DJ has done nothing but impress with her output over the past couple of years and continues to do so with this latest self-produced duo. Both ‘Oops’ and ‘Letter’ are wonderful examples of what has become Emmavie’s quintessential vibe, mixing soulful vocals with infectious … Continue reading Music | Emmavie Ft. Arran Kent – Oops / Letter

Music | Emmavie – Rather Be

Singer, songwriter and producer Emmavie is back with her latest single ‘Rather Be’, which is also accompanied by a video. Throughout the track’s energetic feel, Emmavie speaks on some of the situations that she wishes she had the power to change for the better, once again demonstrating her ability to produce an excellent interpretation of the R&B sound. Emmavie has teased listeners with droplets of … Continue reading Music | Emmavie – Rather Be

Music | Melo-Zed – Eleven [EP]

After teasing listeners with the Emmavie-assisted single ‘Still Hungry’, producer Melo-Zed presents his entire debut EP Eleven. The project is led by the producer’s atmospheric style that is similar to that of a movie score and is also supplemented by sporadic commentary that runs throughout the 9 tracks, with vocal contributions offered by the aforementioned Emmavie, Cari, Van Jess and Dani Sofiya. Listen to Eleven below. … Continue reading Music | Melo-Zed – Eleven [EP]

Music | Melo-Zed Ft. Emmavie – Still Hungry

Melo-Zed calls upon the vocal talents of Emmavie for ‘Still Hungry’, his first single from his forthcoming debut project. The song is laden with many of the ingredients that make up Melo-Zed’s distinct production style, while Emmavie offers some delicious vocals in and among the scattered percussion that has been appreciated on Zed’s earlier work with vocalists such as Sipprell. Melo-Zed’s debut EP Eleven is due … Continue reading Music | Melo-Zed Ft. Emmavie – Still Hungry