Music | Collistar – Welcome To Britian [EP]

Collistar has dropped Welcome To Britain –  his second EP of the year that follows his English Summer debut. Welcome To Britain acts as an opportunity for Collistar to display his versatility as an emcee, fusing his usual Grime sound with a boom-bap Hip Hop style, all provided by producer JK. The slower pace of some tracks allows the listener to fully consume Collistar’s intricate lyricism … Continue reading Music | Collistar – Welcome To Britian [EP]

Interview | Collistar [July 2017]

With the hectic nature of inner city London often garnering the most attention, it’s sometimes easy to forget the role that suburban areas of the capital play. The fringes of the metropolis offer a tangible transition between city and countryside, with residents of these areas often attaining a portion of both lifestyles, without being too invested in either. Someone who is familiar with this concept … Continue reading Interview | Collistar [July 2017]

Music | Collistar – English Summer [EP]

West London emcee Collistar has released his EP, English Summer. This effort follows his debut, Valentine EP, from February and English Summer, as the title suggests, is based on everyone’s favourite time of year. Throughout the 4-track project, Collistar showcases his storytelling ability, peppering verses with many nostalgic references that will take you back to summer days gone by, especially if you were raised in the UK. … Continue reading Music | Collistar – English Summer [EP]