Music | Billy Dukes Ft. Tinyman, Lex Amor & Seinna – 99 Miles

Billy Dukes have assembled an all-star cast for their latest single ’99 Miles’. Intalekt & GeeFree enlist Tinyman, Lex Amor and Seinna to provide thoughtful verses upon the languid instrumental, with the track acting as the duo’s first release of 2019. ’99 Miles’ follows an exciting period last year that saw the eventual unveiling of Billy Dukes’ debut project The Intervention, that was met with … Continue reading Music | Billy Dukes Ft. Tinyman, Lex Amor & Seinna – 99 Miles

Music | Ella Frank – Kettle

Ella Frank has released her latest single ‘Kettle’. The singer/songwriter has made sporadic releases somewhat of a trademark as we wait (im)patiently for her next drop of musical inspiration, on this occasion coming in the form of ‘Kettle’, another track led by a tea-related metaphor that will leave listeners thirsty for more of the same. Like her previous single ‘Blue Jay’, Ella enlists Intalekt and … Continue reading Music | Ella Frank – Kettle

Music | Intalekt – The Adventures Of Master Splinter [EP]

Producer, rapper and all-round gifted musician Intalekt has offered his latest musical donation The Adventures Of Master Splinter. The instrumental project’s name is inspired by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character and is a deftly crafted piece of work that is befitting of Master Splinter himself. Throughout the 10 tracks, Intalekt flaunts his abundant talent as a producer, which he’s also displayed on his recent … Continue reading Music | Intalekt – The Adventures Of Master Splinter [EP]

Interview | Billy Dukes

2018 will forever be a landmark year in the history of Billy Dukes. The duo from southeast London comprised of Intalekt and GeeFree have gained attention and plaudits for their implementation of a soulful, jazz-inspired Hip Hop sound, culminating in the release of their debut project The Intervention in May. Since then, they’ve performed to a sold-out audience at their headline show in July and … Continue reading Interview | Billy Dukes

Music | Billy Dukes – The Intervention [EP]

Following a run of singles that gave a good indication of what they were about, Intalekt and GeeFree, aka Billy Dukes, have released their debut project The Intervention. The 10-track project sees both Intalekt and Gee contribute thoughtful and intelligent verses, with the former taking primary control over production, laying a soulfully charged sound for the duo to flourish. Meanwhile, guest spots are given to … Continue reading Music | Billy Dukes – The Intervention [EP]

Music | Billy Dukes – Sid Vicious [Video]

Following the recent release of their second single ‘Sid Vicious’, Intalekt & Ge3Free aka Billy Dukes have dropped the video for the song. The video – shot by STUUPID – shows elements of the duo’s personalities as well as incorporating environments that match the edgy energy of the track. Now two singles down, people will be looking forward to the release of a project from Billy … Continue reading Music | Billy Dukes – Sid Vicious [Video]

Music | Billy Dukes – It’s Over

Intalekt and Ge3Free have combined to form Billy Dukes – their collaborative act whose first single ‘It’s Over’ is a great example of the quality they can create together. ‘It’s Over’ is a smooth, jazz-influenced cut, with its laid-back demeanour being a well-suited fit for both Ge3Free and Intalekt to spit sharp verses and excite listeners for what’s to come. Listen to ‘It’s Over’ below. Continue reading Music | Billy Dukes – It’s Over

Music | Ella Frank – Blue Jay

After waiting two years for new music, Ella Frank has gifted listeners two new singles in a matter of months, following the previously released ‘Sugar’ with her latest single, ‘Blue Jay’. The aforementioned new single is made up of  similar ingredients to that of ‘Sugar’, with Intalekt – this time with the assistance of R-Kay – being entrusted to produce the landscape for Ella Frank … Continue reading Music | Ella Frank – Blue Jay

Music | Suelily – Orbit

Suelily has shared her first single of 2017, entitled ‘Orbit’. The singer/songwriter expresses her intergalactic thoughts over gentle, spacey, Intalekt-produced instrumentation, with the track transferring the listener into Suelily’s universe of emotions. The song is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Suelily’s sultry vocals and marks a good start to the year. Listen to ‘Orbit’ below. Continue reading Music | Suelily – Orbit

Music | Marie Dahlstrom Ft. Damone Tyrell – Hold On

Marie Dahlstrom has connected with rapper, Damone Tyrell, and producer, Intalekt, to bring listeners her new single, ‘Hold On’. The soulful effort is exactly the sort of thing that followers of Dahlstrom and Intalekt will be accustomed to, while Tyrell provides an intelligent verse that compliments the vibe. Dahlstrom has a show scheduled for Jan. 27th, at which Intalekt will also offer support, so to see … Continue reading Music | Marie Dahlstrom Ft. Damone Tyrell – Hold On

Music | Ella Frank – Sugar

Two years on from her successful first single, ‘Homie Lover Friend’, Ella Frank has made a triumphant return with ‘Sugar’. The sweet, Intalekt-produced song is a fantastic reminder of how talented the Jazz-influenced vocalist is, and how much we’ve missed her contribution to music over the past couple of years. This latest single, we hope, will signal the run up to a debut project. Listen to … Continue reading Music | Ella Frank – Sugar