Interview | Knucks [May 2019]

This article originally appeared via The Line of Best Fit. Settling comfortably in a unique position within the UK rap scene, Knucks‘ blend of new and old school hip hop has prompted listeners to sit up and take notice. “I’ve always had a love for old school rap, samples and all of that, but I know that boom bap rap ain’t popping. No one really wants … Continue reading Interview | Knucks [May 2019]

Interview | Masègo [Sep 2018]

This article originally appeared on By his own admission, things are moving fast for Masègo. At the time of our meeting, the multi-faceted musician is in the UK ahead of his headline shows in Manchester and London, less than a week after the release of his eclectic debut album Lady Lady. With everything that is required of him at this busy time, the 25-year-old … Continue reading Interview | Masègo [Sep 2018]

Interview | Paige Bea [Apr 2018]

Paige Bea is passionate about words. This is confirmed by her journalist alter-ego in addition to her declaration that she views herself as a writer more than anything else. This fascination with words eventually spanned into music, with the talented singer, songwriter and instrumentalist bursting into the consciousness of music listeners last year with her momentous debut single ‘Pick Up Your Heart’. Paige was kind enough to … Continue reading Interview | Paige Bea [Apr 2018]

Interview | Craig David [Jan 2018]

This article originally appeared on Craig David is in a very vibrant mood and rightly so. He has every reason to feel positive considering at the time of our meet he’s set for the release of his second album in two years, with his previous effort debuting at No. 1. But don’t be alarmed, you haven’t been transported back to the early 2000s, it’s … Continue reading Interview | Craig David [Jan 2018]

Interview | Marie Dahlstrøm [Nov 2017]

This article originally appeared on Have you ever wondered how the use of the voice can affect parent-infant relationships? If so, Marie Dahlstrøm may soon have the answers. The Danish singer/songwriter is currently studying for her PhD at the Center for Music in the Brain but assures me that her main focus is her music career, insisting she’s a better musician than a potential … Continue reading Interview | Marie Dahlstrøm [Nov 2017]

Interview | Poppy Ajudha [Oct 2017]

This article originally appeared on The Potential To Empower: An Interview With Poppy Ajudha “You can’t empower people if they can’t understand what you’re saying.” It’s been a frenetic few months for Poppy Ajudha. Since finishing her BA Anthropology and Music degree in June, she has worked almost non-stop on her forthcoming debut EP (which is currently being mastered), abandoning scheduled holidays due to … Continue reading Interview | Poppy Ajudha [Oct 2017]

Interview | Jelani Blackman [Sep 2017]

This article originally appeared on It has been a whirlwind couple of years for Jelani Blackman. Despite a personal contribution to music throughout most of his life, it was the release of his successful debut single ‘Twenty//Three’ in 2016 that caught the attention of the public, catapulting him into a new sphere of intrigue and creating a demand for more material. Considering Jelani himself … Continue reading Interview | Jelani Blackman [Sep 2017]

Interview | Selvsse [Jun 2016]

There is a certain air of ambiguity that surrounds Selvsse. Perhaps it’s the way he stylises his name (with a ‘v’ replacing the ‘a’), or the artwork (comprised of various silhouettes) for his most revered project to date, Rituals, which was released via SoulEtiquette last year. Whatever the case, the cure for the curiosity was taking an opportunity to find out more about the man … Continue reading Interview | Selvsse [Jun 2016]

Interview | Samm Henshaw [Mar 2016]

The stage is set for Samm Henshaw, who has come a long way in a short period of time. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist arrives at the location of our shoot following another media obligation; such is the packed schedule he now abides by since signing a record deal with Columbia, and much like his music, Samm Henshaw’s presence emits a sense of warmth throughout … Continue reading Interview | Samm Henshaw [Mar 2016]

Interview | Wolfie [Nov 2015]

As usual, Brixton Road is awash with people, and its vibrant, atmospheric nature acts as an ideal backdrop for whom we are here to meet. Despite being stricken by flu symptoms, Wolfie – the singer, songwriter and recently introduced radio host – is in her distinctively vivacious mood. Upon her arrival, we wade through the deep crowd of frantic people in search of the serenity … Continue reading Interview | Wolfie [Nov 2015]