Music | Knucks – NRG 105 [EP]

Knucks has released his eagerly anticipated EP NRG 105. The EP – Knucks’ debut effort with Island Records – sees the rapper/producer compile a selection of songs that include the stylistic elements that has made him an artist to watch, while the EP’s overall theme mimics the format of a radio station. Knucks has established an excellent reputation over the past few years via entertaining … Continue reading Music | Knucks – NRG 105 [EP]

Music | Knucks – Rice & Stew

Knucks has dropped his first single of 2019, ‘Rice & Stew’, which is taken from his forthcoming project. As we’ve come to expect from the rapper and producer, Knucks performs admirably in both disciplines, though he somewhat strays away from his usual suave rhymes about himself, instead focusing outwardly on “the illusions and fronts people put up today“. After a series of popular singles over … Continue reading Music | Knucks – Rice & Stew

Music | Knucks – 24

Knucks continues his annual tradition of marking another year by dropping new music, with his latest instalment ’24’. Once again, Knucks impresses both with his rapping and his ability to produce, marrying the two together perfectly, adding another memorable effort to his ever-growing collection. Fans have been impatient in their wait for new content from Knucks, but this annual offering is likely to settle their … Continue reading Music | Knucks – 24

Music | Tiana Major9 – Levee (Let It Break) [Video]

Tiana Major9 has supplemented the release of her single ‘Levee (Let It Break)’ by dropping the music video for the track. The visuals make for a movie-like atmosphere as Tiana and her accomplice – played by rapper Knucks – are on the run from law enforcement officers. The video is beautifully captured, adding another dimension to a song that has already been well-received. Watch the video for ‘Levee … Continue reading Music | Tiana Major9 – Levee (Let It Break) [Video]

Music | Knucks – Vows [Video]

Knucks has given listeners a Christmas gift in the form of ‘Vows’, his latest engaging single and video that is only raising excitement ahead of the new year. Sampling Michael Jackson’s ‘Lady In My Life’, Knucks adds modern trap elements to bring the 80’s classic into the 21st century, dousing it with his usual helping of unique sauce that the emcee/producer is becoming recognised for. … Continue reading Music | Knucks – Vows [Video]

Music | Knucks – Cake

For Knucks, the last couple of years have been extraordinary, with the emcee/producer demanding attention with an accumulation of impressive singles. He continues his fantastic form with ‘Cake’ – a track that commemorates his 23rd birthday. As has become customary for Knucks, the self-produced beat is dripping in his familiar style that is perfectly suited to his slick, effortless flow that he employs, hitting the … Continue reading Music | Knucks – Cake