Music | Lex Amor – Mazza

The uniquely talented Lex Amor has unveiled her first single of 2020 with the impressive ‘Mazza’. The wavy, Melo-Zed-produced track is a perfect sound bed for Lex to lay her verse with her usual distinctive delivery, freeing her mind’s musings with ease for the duration of the song. The release of this latest single comes after the announcement that her forthcoming mixtape is “done”, so … Continue reading Music | Lex Amor – Mazza

Music | Billy Dukes Ft. Tinyman, Lex Amor & Seinna – 99 Miles

Billy Dukes have assembled an all-star cast for their latest single ’99 Miles’. Intalekt & GeeFree enlist Tinyman, Lex Amor and Seinna to provide thoughtful verses upon the languid instrumental, with the track acting as the duo’s first release of 2019. ’99 Miles’ follows an exciting period last year that saw the eventual unveiling of Billy Dukes’ debut project The Intervention, that was met with … Continue reading Music | Billy Dukes Ft. Tinyman, Lex Amor & Seinna – 99 Miles

Music | Oddboy Ten – Ulogy [EP]

The singer/songwriter and producer Oddboy Ten has unveiled his debut EP Ulogy – the immersive, 4-track effort that is a sparkling example of his blend of the electronic Jazz-Soul sound. Among the concise tracklist, Oddboy finds space to include contributions from other gifted artists Lex Amor and Sue Lily, who complement the vibe of Ulogy beautifully. The project makes quite a first impression, giving listeners an … Continue reading Music | Oddboy Ten – Ulogy [EP]

Music | Lex Amor – Mood

Lex Amor has dropped her first single of the year entitled ‘Mood’. The waviness of ‘Mood’ is undeniable as Lex speaks about some of the common anxieties that affect most people in their mid-twenties in her uniquely stylish demeanour. She effortlessly navigates her way over the beat, accurately exploiting pockets to great effect in order to fully communicate her disposition throughout the track. Listen to … Continue reading Music | Lex Amor – Mood