Music | The Naked Eye – Love’s Grave [EP]

The Naked Eye has revealed her new EP Love’s Grave. The concise EP is an honest, heartfelt detailing of a love lost, excellently depicted through The Naked Eye’s insightful and penetrative storytelling. When combined with deft production from the astonishingly gifted Conor Albert on the EP’s first four tracks, supplemented by a contribution from Marie Dahlstrøm, it results in a magnificent project that’s to be … Continue reading Music | The Naked Eye – Love’s Grave [EP]

Music | Sipprell – I Could Be Loved [EP]

It was 2015 when Sipprell unveiled her debut EP The Letter D and after much anticipation created through engaging singles, she has presented her sophomore effort in the form of I Could Be Loved. The EP includes five tracks that are each full of uncompromising emotion demonstrated through Sipprell’s songwriting and gorgeously delicate vocal delivery. This is complemented by magnificent work on production across the … Continue reading Music | Sipprell – I Could Be Loved [EP]

Music | Marie Dahlstrøm – Kanel [EP]

In an attempt to replicate the success of her EP Nine from last year, Marie Dahlstrøm has released her latest project, Kanel. As the singles from the EP suggested, the sonic direction of the Jnthn Stein produced project was a slight departure from what we are used to hearing from the talented Dane, but despite this change, Dahlstrøm adapts effortlessly and displays her vocal versatility in … Continue reading Music | Marie Dahlstrøm – Kanel [EP]

Music | Sipprell – From Afar

This article originally appeared on The extraordinarily gifted Sipprell has unveiled her latest musical offering via her second single of 2018, the sumptuous sounding ‘From Afar’. The song conveys a heartfelt account by Sipprell that references a toxic relationship she experienced with a relative. “I learned that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and the other person is to cut ties. … Continue reading Music | Sipprell – From Afar

Music | Marie Dahlstrøm – Bring Me Back

As part of the path toward the release of her forthcoming EP Kanel in July, Danish singer/songwriter Marie Dahlstrøm has unveiled ‘Bring Me Back’, her second single from the aforementioned project. Much like her previous offering, ‘Bring Me Back’ sees Dahlstrøm effectively adopting a change in sonic direction, with an obvious injection of pop influence in the instrumentation by Jnthn Stein married with her usual soulful vocals, … Continue reading Music | Marie Dahlstrøm – Bring Me Back

Music | Marie Dahlstrøm – Ask About Me

Marie Dahlstrøm has released the first single from her forthcoming EP Kanel and it comes in the form of ‘Ask About Me’. The upbeat production is provided by Jnthn Stein – whom Marie enlisted to produce the entire EP – and somewhat departs from what we are used to hearing from the talented vocalist, but she approaches it expertly, truly harking back to the popular R&B sound of … Continue reading Music | Marie Dahlstrøm – Ask About Me

Music | Sipprell – Personal

Sipprell has released her first single of 2018, the beautifully composed and performed ‘Personal’. Written about her brother, Sipprell gently pours her emotions into the fabric of the song, which is produced by Marie Dahlstrøm. The heartfelt track is pieced together magnificently, with harmonies and the delicate use of additional instrumentation enhancing its aura. It is said that Sipprell is readying a project for release … Continue reading Music | Sipprell – Personal