Music | Jamilah Barry – Sunblock

Jamilah Barry has dropped her latest single ‘Sunblock’. Known for coupling powerful vocals with elegant production, which was apparent throughout her debut EP Salix Babylonica, Jamilah takes a different route on ‘Sunblock’ as Midnight Phunk‘s trap-influenced production provides an unfamiliar musical landscape for the singer to navigate. She does this expertly, adding a further string to her artistic bow that was already earning her much … Continue reading Music | Jamilah Barry – Sunblock

Music | Midnight Phunk Ft. Jamilah Barry – Northface

Midnight Phunk has dropped his latest single, ‘Northface’ – a track that adheres to his “King Left” nickname and also features Jamilah Barry. The pair continues their musical association – previously seen on Jamilah’s ‘Dance Moves’  – as Midnight Phunk expresses seemingly sporadic thoughts concerning his current situation. The song definitely carries a more sombre tone and Phunk manages to keep it relatable with his thoughtful rhymes. Midnight Phunk has commented … Continue reading Music | Midnight Phunk Ft. Jamilah Barry – Northface

Music | Jamilah Barry – Dance Moves

Jamilah Barry has begun the new year by dropping her official debut single, entitled, ‘Dance Moves’. The single – produced by Midnight Phunk – begins as a simple introduction to Jamilah’s vocal efficiency, with just chords and a sprinkling of hi-hats accompanying her, before a bass line and further elements combine to give the track a completely different vibe. This is not the first time Jamilah … Continue reading Music | Jamilah Barry – Dance Moves

Music | Del Fabs – Yoshi

The artist formerly known as Random P (and still referred to as Midnight Phunk when credited as a producer), has released his first song under the new moniker, Del Fabs, entitled, ‘Yoshi’. Throughout the track, Del Fabs’ blunt, introspective rhymes against the slightly sinister instrumental, which Midnight Phunk co-produced alongside Outrageous Claims, acts as an effective re-introduction. Listen to ‘Yoshi’ below. Continue reading Music | Del Fabs – Yoshi

Media | Midnight Phunk – Homemade

In an attempt to showcase his talents beyond being a producer and emcee, Midnight Phunk has curated ‘Homemade’ – his debut short film that explores the underground creative landscape in London. Using a video diary style throughout, the film features many other gifted creatives, including; Jackum, Reece West, Ray Sargent, Jamilah Barry, Benteki, Shift K3y, J-Flowz, Kz The Producer, Ghostly and more. Phunk himself described the project as … Continue reading Media | Midnight Phunk – Homemade