Profile | Matt Blvck

This article originally appeared on R&B is evolving, and like any genre that is making progressive steps, a new crop of artists with unique abilities to redefine musical boundaries are emerging. Someone who fits into this category is Matt Blvck – the south London-bred artist who’s is aiming to catch the ear of listeners with his own genre-blurring style. A look into Matt Blvck’s … Continue reading Profile | Matt Blvck

Profile | Warren Xclnce

According to, excellence is defined as, “the fact or state of excelling”. Fittingly, this definition springs to mind when describing the work of Warren Xclnce (pronounced ex·cel·lence, according to his Soundcloud biography), as the London based DJ/producer (and Creative Director of strives for as much when he creates. The aforementioned young man is an advocate of everything deep and soulful, which is apparent … Continue reading Profile | Warren Xclnce